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Old teaching the young

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Got in from work early on and thought f**k it will do abit ferreting,get last years kit out with the 2 other new recruits and see how they get on.


Arrived at my first permission the back of 12,even though i hadnt worked the ferrets here for a while i wasnt expecting much action since i hammered it for awhile since it was all i had at the time,so it was all about getting out the house for abit and getting the ferrets into working.


On the first set it was ovious last years kit hadnt worked before,she didnt know what to do lol.Everytime i put her next to a hole she tuned back and went for a wonder!I got one of the older jills out,put her in first then the kit started to follow her,then after a while the kit was starting to leave and enter the holes close by,still abit playfull at times but she was getting into it.After awhile it was clear there was no rabbits home so i moved onto another set...


Netted about 8 holes on the second set,got the albinio vertern lol and the same poly kit and the same as before older ferret first,kit next.........1 minute later rabbit bolts i quicky grab the f****r then about 2 seconds after another rabbit bolts,with one rabbit/net in one hand i dived like kyle lafferty and grabed the other rabbit that was followed out by the kit. :D


Was chuffed to see the kit bolt the rabbit,so after dealing with the two rabbits i gave her the rabbit kinda like a reward to keep her keen,she then decided to try drag it about.Lol if i didnt bag the rabbit she would have draged it about for miles,kinda like a kid with a new toy!!


Heres a couple pictures of the kit with reward:





After that i moved onto the third and last set,i netted about 8-10 holes and put the alinbo in with one of the resscue jills i got(one called jelly other icecream :D hail hail!!) they both went awol for abit and i didnt have the mk3 as collar batterys are dead so all i had to do is wait....Figured they got hold of a rabbit below,since i had to wait i decided to put last years kit in to continue her jedi training...Few seconds after putting her in a f*****g rat bolts out same hole!!After a while the jills surfaced uninjuryed with abit blood around there mouth,so decided to call it a day,was happy enough after a couple hours..Time to get hame and listen to sportsound :D



Heres the hole last years kit entered and rat run out of



Heres where the rat escaped to



Heres the albino veteren,picture looks like am choken her!Am not..


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Cheers lads :thumbs:


Aye johnny :D


Max those nets continue to do agreat job,still not used the new ones yet.Will get them used very soon lol


Stevo The green box needs alittle repair but does the job for now,the other is one of moxys boxs worth buying if your after one.

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Thanks for that Joe ye was thinking of geting a new box for new start of season that black one looks a good one just what I need for the three jills thanks for that mate

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that big hob u gave me got other 7 the day there mate he doind great :yes:


aye just rub it in lol,good stuff mate :thumbs:

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nice one fella..that young kit looks like a strong un.

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