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F*ck the bad foot I'm out with the crew

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Sorry about the pics don't know what went wrong. will sort it later

I had been sat in the house for over a week since the operation on my foot and was bored silly. I had been told that I need to have at least another week not walking with my foot elevated, well I don't think so, I was going out of my mind.

I arranged for the lads to pick me up thinking I would just hobble about and watch them as I wasn't in a state to help out. Well as it happened after I had arranged it that evening at 8pm the temperature dropped to minus 11 and was still falling, could this have been a mistake by me.

Well sod it if I get cold I get cold, cant do any digging or anything to warm up but can take my tablet for my circulation this would help.

When I got up first light everything was frozen solid, even the rear patio door lock was frozen and it took me ages to get the door open to let the terriers out.

When the lads turned up they were stunned that I was actually going with them today, nutter, idiot etc etc but so what.

We first went to a place we visit quite a lot at some lakes, the first thing we saw when we drove down the track was a big dog fox. It was a scramble to get the lurchers out but unfortunately not fast enough, we know where you live now Mr charlie......later.

We spent a hour or so here and picked up a few rabbits but the nets were freezing solid and they were just lifting as the rabbits hit them. Good job we had the dogs. We then decided just to let the dogs run them, although there was some bad ground for them and missing a few was inevitable. We had a few good runs and the dogs were loving it albeit the ground was solid and hard going for them.









We then decided to have a move and try some hedgerows closer to where I live, this was a good choice as my foot was feckin killing and I wasn't sure how much longer I could manage. It was probably not as painful as Stevo's finger after it got nashed off one of the ferrets while

dragging a rabbit out on a dig.

This was a good time to move as the sun was coming up and was not as foggy driving conditions, it was freezing pea soup on the way down.

As we were driving back I got a call from one of the keepers reminding me it was the keepers and beaters meal and piss up tonight at Blankney Golf course, I had forgot all about it, good job he rang me

Back locally, we got stuck in again and I found a second wind, my foot had eased with a short rest and I was eager for more. The dogs had some good runs here and we managed to pick up quite a few more before we hit a couple of sets with 1/4 grown young. This set us back a bit and we had a few digs but plodded on. One of the dogs managed to hit a tree and we thought it had broken a leg at first, then another got a bad cut on it's pad, what else could go wrong.

We soon found out when a ferret refused to show and we couldn't find it on the box, this was around an irrigation lake and maybe it was really deep. This was a big set back, we tried and tried for almost 4 hours to find it without success, maybe it sneaked out of a bolter and made off who knows. But after about 4 hours we decided to call it au loss, we left a box and some grub and I will hobble back there tomorrow and see if its turned up.

Well the biggest problem we had was my fault, I always take my camera for a good catch shot at the end but had forgot to charge the batteries and half way through the day it died on me, I didn't even have the spare ones either.

An early finish after the disaster of the lost ferret but all the same enjoyable, it never got above freezing all day but at least I got out and about. The final tally was a respectable 24, not bad really, the nets would have given us more if we had continued with them but it's nice to see the dogs work.

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Well done lads especially in the conditions and carrying an injury,hope you manage to get the fert back in the morning.

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at least you got out and got a few,, best getting some gage traps out for that ferret :thumbs:

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