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Deer management groups??

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Looked into the WLDMG, but was outside the catchment area,, TBH you will find they rely on people wanting deer shot as vermin,,,,very few and far between,, most want to sell the stalking and see the deer as an asset,,,even if the landowner doesn`t ,the leaseholder does.


Deer Management.. shooting problem deer and maintaning healthy poulations,, very different to managing for stalking profit,, which is what most stalking is all about.


There are situations where the landowner wants rid, and a dmg, move in and share stalking,, but the minute that same stalking can be sold,, it will. It relies on people not wanting to make a profit from the deer.


My opinion of dmg`s,,, sure there will be others


The reason behind Dmg was and is as you stated, for all to get back some basic skills and learn the whole aspect of the role.

i 100% agree that its not been done that way and by all accounts it will not be.

Shooters of all levels should be allowed to join in, land with equal access rights, learn to survey study and identify issues relating to the area and co-ordinate with the land agents managers and estates. Hold open days for novices, teach and learn from each other.

start to trust rather than constantly shoving knifes in your back at the first opportunity.


I agree Rake About to all these, they won't happen because there is no trust in this game.



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