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for a gunclub to raise and release wild american turkeys for a december shoot?


don't think they'ed be covered by current game legislation there's no wild american turkey's in britain they're all domisticated birds that can't really fly and the all belong to Bernard Mathew's :laugh:

There are numerous turkey,s,bred from original imports of wild birds,in Zoo,s and private collections around the country.Several years ago any surplus youngsters of wild turkey,s and Red jungle fowl i bred,i gave to a syndicate member on a small shoot,which he released into woodland on the shoot,the turkeys never lasted long at liberty,the Junglefowl bred in the wild for a couple of season,s and some where shot,driven to guns,without re-stocking they eventually died out.

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The best Wild Turkey to get, is Black label 100 odd proof,really get a christmas party going,I used to coach/manage and catch for a Baseball team,Dalriada Demons.now a Softball team,got cases of the stuff,for wearing their Hats and T shirts at games Sponsored us for 2 seasons with the stuff for raffles an the like ,I think we drank more of it ourselves .

Would love to see Turkey hunting here,Patience a plenty I think would be Needed.

Realtree in Britian, without Turkey hunters we probably never would have seen it ?made for that market !

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i know of one ot two shoots here in the midlands who put guinne fowl down every season for sport and security. on the subject of non native how much of our wildlife is actually native? have a think non native, rabbit,phesant,red leg,cwd,munty,saika,mink and the list goes on.

This came up a few months ago via NGO in the Shooting Times. I think you can hold them in a pen (so presumably you can pen them in a wood) but you can't actually release them alongside pheasants because they're non-native. Although pheasants etc. are also not indigenous to the UK, they were naturalized here several centuries ago, whereas it may be a while before all the guinea fowl being released every season (apparently!) become naturalized! :D

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