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Ferret Re-homing thread - Free to good homes ONLY

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I have a 5 month old polecat hob, doesn't bite and lives with other ferrets. I got him a couple of months back with the intent of getting him snipped for next year to service my jills. He is not massive but has grown bigger than what I wanted.

He has not yet been worked but was from good working parents.If anyone wants to give him a good home you are more than welcome, but he won't be going to any numpty's, I would rather just keep him. Or if you have a small sized hob to swap for some new blood in your breeding next year that would be great.


Numpty's need not apply, good home needed only.


Thornaby, near Middlesbrough


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I am looking for 2 Jills if anyone knows of any? i will admit i have never had ferrets before but i do know enough about them. I am wanting to mainly use them for working but my son would love them as pets too. Any help would be great :thumbs:

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iam looking for a ferret or polecat just gained more permission and only have one adult hob too much for him on his own :thumbs:




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Ive got a little Jill here, poley coloured with red eyes. This years so about 8 months old.


She is really nippy and struggling to get her hand tame, if someone has got time on their hands and can give her a few hours a day then they might have a decent chance of getting her to come round, she isnt un-handleable and evil, just will bite if given half a chance. I spend about half hour in a morning and an hour at night tending to my ferrets but she just seems to need alot of 1 on 1 which i cant give her.


Not desperate to get rid as she is in the enclosure with the others and is being well looked after.


Might make a nice little jill if anyone is interested. In Staffordshire but can deliver North West or Yorkshire as work over that way.





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13 week old albino hob free to good home, well handled, fed in fresh meat & from good working stock. Collection from North East

Message if interested



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I need 2 maybe 3 more ferrets, warrens are too big for just my 3. Pref jills or small hobs, as I already have to work my big hob and he always kills under. HAMPSHIRE Area.

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hello lads looking for a couple of ferrets/ polecats getting back into the game had them for years when younger prefer smaller type but cant be that choosie at this time of the year i'm in bedlington good home given i know the game never ever lost one


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