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fireball brass problems

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i have watched ammo smith before very informative.hands up time a few guys asked if i had set my dies up properly.i had put the press in pressed position and tightened down,what i had not done is then backed it off a quarter turn so have probably not been bumping the shoulder back enough. do you guys think that would cause this problem.do not have a gauge but have used a marker to achieve some contact nearly half a turn.in my head i can't see it making enough difference but i pray it does.

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well chaps first of all i would like to thank everyone who offered help and advice.

i think i have sorted it,firstly the marks on the brass are caused during ejection.secondly was my bad and at least half the peoblem.my cleaning regime was good but my bronze brush was crap and was not cleaning out the rifleing.the outher main thing was primers my gun dealer sold me rem 6.5 primers. a big thanks to norman clarkes in rugby who took the time to chat and supplied me with the correct primers rem 7.5 bench rest and lots of tips that all have helped.


i went out tonight in strong wind( on my back )and it grouped on a five pence again.its early days and it needs to keep it up but i'm getting there,hopefully problem sorted.

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