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Still at it, unfortuantely

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Ok mole


I said david said to steven that oly was working with the other man,


I see you are trying to help and that great mate,but im just saying thats all.


David has had loads of username all over forum,vermin1234,davo1989 and so on im with you on that,but without hearing steven out dont you think its a little unfair blaming him?

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Can a moderator LOCK this debate ...............cos it is going nowhere .....that we have not been before


we know the truth end off ...and thanks moley for bringing it to our attention top man

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Read the first post, I said David and Steven Graham, listing David first, I also provided you with enough information for you to gather evidence to look at to prove how Steven has scammed members on here. I was putting up a warning that one or both of them was active again with a new email and that if members on here were engaged in a trade with anybody using this email they would be financially and emotionally better off stopping the trade. On THL we try and look after our fellow users, to make sure they are not scammed by people who have admitted doing it in the past!


If you think that Oly (actual user) was involved with David Graham in the perpetration of these criminal acts, which is what you have implied, then you have totally the wrong idea. As for your spelling, well, you won't put your forum up, I won't explain about spelling!

here here moley we all look after each other on this forum and you cant get past the mole he,s not called secretagentmole for nothing if your up to no good he will find you wont you moley.mac

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We don't want to welcome either of the Graham bros back on this site.

Already had someone trying to make out they were Stevens friend a few months back before he shot himself in the foot as it was Steven.

If you want him on your forum good luck when it all goes tits up don't come bleating to us.

Thankyou and goodbye


Edited by Baghdadnights

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Countrybloke, until you've stated where you're from I don't think you'll get any credability on here.

not one bit

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What some folks are too thick to realise is that in spite of how big the internet is, it's getting harder and harder to hide.

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