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Was at Moira on Saturday thought it was a very good show :thumbs: Only one thing that pisses me

off is the cheat that has won the whippet racing at Ballywalter and Moira with a lurcher :thumbdown: Surely that has to be annoying for the folk with whippets and nothing hapening

to stop this cheat He doesnt show it in any whippet classes because it would stand out like a sore thumb he keeps it hid to the racing starts If i raced whippets and the organisers let him race i would walk off the line maybe you whippet racers will grow a set and do this at your next show and dont let this CHEAT make a fool of yous Other than this i enjoyed Moira :thumbs:

There was two dogs in the final that were in a class of their own if there was a quetion to the breeding on 1 dog there should be question on the the dog that Janet runs in the whippet class But then if they were not winners there would be no questions asked


Pigsy, I'm touched at your concern in an earlier post as to whether I received anything for coming second in the whippet racing, but as you well know there was nothing for any of the runner ups. As to the breeding of my dog, this is the second time you've jumped in and referred to her when the other dog's breeding has been questioned, just put your name on your posts and I'll tell you all you want to know about my dog............or do you want me to put your name on for you???? It seems fine for you to quote my name, but you're not so quick to sign your own.

Pigsy Janets dog is not in question here Janet shows her whippet in fact has won classes with her

and has been beaten in races by KCreg whippets Never seen her dog winning races by ten lengths like

i have seen this cheats lurcher winning but you may be the cheat you maybe will let us know if your

him You lead a sad life if your following Janet around the shows to see if she gets any dog food

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I'll address this to pigsy, FairPlay and the others, Im not long home from France and have read this with great unease and feel the comments are rather harsh. I have used both the lurcher and whippet judge at my show and any attack on the gilford clubs for appointing them is also an attack my judgment.


I connected Ian prior to the show and asked if he could separate the dog and bitch classes . He was more than happy to accomadate on this, which was appreciated by myself and the other terrier enthusiasts. I hope ALbert takes a note of this


Sorry not very technically minded


As for the same dogs winning all the time, the champion terrier at moira was champion at the mourne show. The champion terrier pup at my show was champion at both moira and mourne. This pattern is nearly repeated with the whippets, this is not because of favouritism by the judges but simply because they are superior dogs


It was unfortunate there was a mixup with the dogfood but I was more than happy with what I got. Justin spoke to the sponsors on my behalf and got me a more expensive coat than originally on offer.


I have had more than enough abuse on this forum over the years and so I know how the gilford club and the others that have been called to question here feel. Last year someone by the name of Samson called me any number if names and accused me of showing my dogs at my own show. I have even had death threats and all in the name of a dogshow. Anyone that gives there time and effort to organise a dogshow deserves respect, some people don't realise they are doing work for the antis and if they have there way there will be no shows atall


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unfortunately shows are not what they used to be, for obvious reasons. there is nothing better than going to a few shows in the summer months to pass the time, catch up with lads and have a good yarn. thats what it's all about. :victory: yet, standing around the ring and watching peoples lollipop terriers. that have never had a sod turned over them, and never will. :nono: it's a far cry from a working dog show !! the choice of the judges is a different story alone. i've a son at ten years of age that would have more knowledge of a working terrier. :rolleyes:. same old shite year after year. no disrespect to the organisers of the show bty !!!

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