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My rabbit stew

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Got to agree with boiling the rabbit first and stripping off the bone, then using the water as your stock, rabbit makes great stock, put the font end in your stock for gravy tastes lovely on a roast.

Some good ideas here lads I'm getting hungry.

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Sounds good Duncan any chance of the full recipe?

Fair enough:




Rabbit front quarters approx 4 lbs

olive oil or veg oil

1 large smoked sausage, cubed (mattesons is easy to get hold of)

Bacon lardons (or finely cubed fatty bacon) about 6 oz

2 large onions chopped

4 cloves garlic crushed n chopped

carrots (3 or 4, chopped)

parsnips (as above, put more in if you like them a lot)

mushrooms 6-8 oz

1 tin chopped tomatoes


Stock 2 pts (pheasant stock after a roast is ideal, but sod it, if it has to be oxo, oxo it is)

salt, to taste

black pepper, a good dash

flaked chillis 1 tble spoon or to taste

mixed herbs,a good handful

red wine vinegar 2-3 tb spoon

red wine (a tomato tin full, the rest keeps the cook happy)

worcester sauce a couple of decent glugs


1 very large pan/cauldron!




fry off bunny fronts in veg/olive oil til browned, set aside

same for bacon lardons, but til crispy, set aside. Resist eating them.

fry off onions n garlic. Lob in herbs.

chuck in red wine vinegar and stir to deglaze pan (lots of flavour - mouth starts watering at this point for me)

Put bunny n bacon back in pan

add tin of chopped toms, carrots and parsnips, stock, red wine, seasoning and chilli flakes.

Add stock, smoked sausage, quartered mushrooms and worcester sauce.


make sure that all the solid components of the stew are covered in liquid, bring almost to boil, then reduce heat to lowest setting and put lid on for several hours.

If I make the stew late morning, it simmers away very gently til tea time, stirring as I remember.

Turn off heat and allow to cool with lid on as this finishes off the cooking beautifully.


De-bone and serve if you want, but I portion it up and freeze it.


The above does a 4 meals for me, the Mrs and 2 kids. We normally serve it up with mash n garden peas.

My wifes favourite meal, bar none :thumbs:


Before anyone asks, I use mainly rabbit fronts in this recipe as it seems the best way of using them because the meat just falls off the otherwise fiddly bones.

As I butcher my bunnies, the hinds are put in one freezer bag, the loins in another and the fronts in another as I 'earmark' each part of the animal for different purposes. The carcases I usually use for crayfish bait or crow bait, sometimes stock fodder.


If I have spare squirrel hinds, they'll go in the stew too.

Rabbit hind quarter meat tends to get minced and put in rabbit chilli (youngest sons all time favourite meal) and loins, well too good to put in stew - outstanding in Thai green curry, or marinaded and briefly pan fried mmmmm!

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Cook your rabbit (with bones) until the meat starts to come off, take out rabbit, let cool for a while, remove all meat from bones, replace meat in stock and ad veg. Cook until veg is done.

I also find browning rabbit in a pan before stewing makes it tougher.

No chutney?

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