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what is the most quiet airrifle straight out the box

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My Daystate air ranger comes with a shrouded barrel and is super quiet. I don`t even have a mad fitted but have tried it with one and all you can hear is the action and the pellet strike.


Quietest I`ve came across anyway





sorry but whats a mad???


i think you ment a mod sorry just twigged, have you got a picture of that rifle,id like to see that.? :thumbs:

Ha ha ha MOD yes!


Have a look






very very nice,love that stock.

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I would say a HW100 is one of the quietest rifles out the box.


Stick a Twink on it and its really quiet.




yep no doubt hw100 one of the quietest on the market, :thumbs: ive also seen reviews of the twink mk2 on a hw100 and the twink was louder. the twink and hw silencers are very well made and so closly matched it all goes on personal preference ie looks and cost. IMO.






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