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Crikey ... and i thought the lurcher section was bad! :icon_eek:


Nah, it's not that bad, no one's been threatened with violence!!!! :laugh:



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Has he been pissing the Lurcher section off too Tyla?


If lads are trying to convey a meaningful point that's worthy of mention then, by all means let's hear it, discuss it with eachother. I'm not going to be the one to pick a lad up on poor grammar and spelling when he's making a valuable contribution or a remark with some wit behind it. That's bloody worse and damm rude in my book.


But to...


"Keep on asking the same questions over and over without fullstops and commas and piss poor spelling that gets progressively worse while getting proper [bANNED TEXT] ansers from every peeps and still keep on arskin the same feckin questun like "Here's my S400 I shoot shit with it cos its a google image of someone elses and [bANNED TEXT] do you take into the feeld with you and wots in your game bag and by the way heres a pic of my S400 I don't own in kase you dident get it fust time so [bANNED TEXT] do you shoot with (A rifle I DO actually own, you fu**ing numpty!) lets see a pic of your gun and by the way [bANNED TEXT] do you take in the feild with you and wots in yor game bag I shot 21 crows befor rost....


Is something else altogether.


CollieLiampaddywhackgivethedogashagginbone, if you show up at Davy's T.H.L Meet in April, I swear to God you are going to have a pole up your arse and a long piece of re-setting string round your neck and you are the new long range 50-metre knock-down target while we draw you out in a charity raffle for the honour of first shot!

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Well there wasn't any 'til now....... :blink::laugh:


As rants go, Simon, that was pure class, my hat is off to you sir :thumbs:





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There, but for the grace of God............. ;)


That's very true, Bill, any one of us could of been repeatedly dropped on our heads from a great height as a baby.... :blink::laugh:


Edit to say...... innit



Hi Andy.


[bANNED TEXT] ya meen culd ave???.......Edit to say.... onnet :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :laugh:

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I'm a tad curious here. Collie would dither on in untelligable "Bollockese" with not so much as a hitch. When we attempt to imitate him, we get (BANNED TEXT) flagged up innit.



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