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Guest Ditch_Shitter

About To Put In For My Irish FAC

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Guest Ditch_Shitter

I know ye were on about the Buffalo, Mac ;) Like I say: I'd pay that bit extra ~ if I ever thought I'd aquire the guns to fill it.


Anyway; Someone's just PM'd to ask what gives, thus far. Timely! (Have you got inside information, mate?!) So here, to keep ye all up to date, is the Very Latest:


I got all four Permissions and sorted out visiting the Garda. That I did some days ago. Last week, I imagine? I met the man himself and we had a chat. Must say; The Irish Gards strike me as being very cunningly trained. They're not at all like British Police. I've noticed how they seem to use a ploy of deliberatly making themselves seem like 'thick, rural' types. Then lash out with a piercingly astute question and almost look at ye as if to say; " There! Didn't expect That from a slow old Paddy, did ye?! ". Well, I've dealt with more than one of these older, wiser tacticions and they have my fullest respect. They're no bloody slouches! :icon_eek:


My man did the expected routine then. Licked his pencil. Asked me to spell things ~ 'slowly' ~ and popped a couple of questions that made my finer hairs stand up. He wasn't missing a trick. But then, nor was I out to pull any. I told and gave him everything he asked for and we parted, seemingly, on good terms. He said it may take five weeks.


Tonight, at 22:00, my phone rang! " GARDA " it told me! WTF?! It was my man. Said he was just filling out my paper work. He just wanted to know if I had my safe bought and installed yet. I haven't, as it happens, because I'm skint this month and shall be damn skint next too, after shelling out 200 E's for that safe. I noticed how he seemed quite 'insistant' on enquiring wether or not I'd ordered it, paid a deposit, or what with my Gun Smith. Mark that point!


So I told him, " I'm getting an INFAC. Nice one. All the big, sliding bolts 'n all :yes: ". He asked me to spell INFAC .....


Of course. That got me refocused on the whole deal and, knowing he opens very late, I decided to call my Gunny, there and then, and have a word about buying the safe ..... Guess what? Aye! Ye saw this coming, eh?


He was tied up at that moment and said he'd call me tomorrow as he " Wanted a word with me. " Now, of course, I'm shitting myself over what about! But he did mention, during a swift and almost garbled exchange: " I had a call from the Gard ~ about half an hour ago. " :icon_eek:


That crafty old fox! My man had already spoken to my Gunny! He knew damn well I'd niether bought, nor even put a deposit on a safe just yet! He wanted to see if I'd bull shit him! :o



Well, thankfully, I may be a slightly off beat old Dog Hugger who shits in a ditch. But I can tell ye now: Ditch Shitter is no Bullshitter! Just imagine, if I'd swanned into one about, " Oh yes; I have my name attatched to one at my Dealers. I'll be picking it up as soon as I get over there. " He'd have scratched straight through that 'Paper Work' with a red pen: Of Dishonest Character!



I'll let ye all know what's next; After I speak to the Gun Dealer again.


Keep everything crossed for me!

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Guest Ditch_Shitter

:icon_eek:OMG! Just hung up after a swift word with my Gun Dealer! His word were; " Your local Gard rang me the other night. He was just doing ye paper work. The gun's yours ~ he wouldn't be bothering to talk to me if he wasn't going to let ye have it. :icon_eek::icon_eek::icon_eek: OMFG!


Now, I know the Superintendant is the man who 'really' yes's or no's applications. But I also get the distinct impression the Gard I met is, basicly, the man who'd end up facing me if I went ballistic and had a firearm. He's writing out a bloody great report on what he thought of me. He tested me and found me reliable. The Super', I suppose, just reads his bottom line and rubber stamps it.


Then it goes to Dublin. They'll run me through their computer and / or have a word with uk. UK? I handed in my bill of clean health from the British Police. " Unknown To Them ". Good Boy. Then Dublin send that coveted piece of paper to my man and I go fetch it from him and ..... :D F*CK!


Maybe I'm all wrong. Maybe it doesn't work out that way? But my Gun Dealer's probably seen a few more applications than mine going through before now. " The gun's yours. " He said; In a voice I wouldn't argue with! In fact, his last words were that, if I care to pop in one evening, he'll do me a great deal on an INFAC!


Paid again at the end of the month. Straight over there and get my Gun Safe! Looks like I really will be needing it! :clapper:

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I am so happy to be reading that , at last you can start to get the tools you need to get up & running, :D great news :)

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Guest Ditch_Shitter

No news, Frank. No. But that in itself I'd consider Good news, fo far. I'm figuring, if I don't hear anything in the next week, I should be about home and dry. It'll have gone off to the Superintendant by now. He'd be the one to give me a knock back. If I don't get that by the end of this month, I'm buying and installing that safe! :good:


I'll be shopping for an SDS power drill next week anyway. Need that to knock holes in my stone walls here. It'd take a JCB to get at my rifle, time I've finished.


One frustrating thing is; I've just called the man who'd be my contact with the laocal Gun Club which they really seem to want me to join. I'm sure he's getting enquiries on my behalf. Yet I can't get him to answer the damn phone :( It haunts me that the one thing I never did mention to that Gard was my self determination to buy myself 3rd Party before I ever load the damn thing anyway. It's not a legal requirement - yet - I know. But Gun Club membership gives it or I can just buy my own.


Quite honestly, I'm well enough aware of what I'll be handling here and my training and experiance around firearms, coupled with an innate healthy respect for such things, means I'd never invite trouble with it. But then, that's why the word " Accident " exists in the english language. No one expects or plans for an accident. I plan to get Insurance.



Ferretlove; IF I get this chit, it will be near as damnit this time next year before I get to put a round through that rifle, I'm sorry to say. On my measly income it'll take me months and months to find all the money I'll need to turn that piece of paper into the necessary set up to get to work. But, get the paper and I can get to work on getting the kit to do the work to make the money. Then I'm afraid Chat will have to do without me. There'll be no keeping me in of a night! :laugh:

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Guest Frank

Give it another week Ditch and give the FO a ring, about your application.


Keep at them, otherwise, the application wont be prossesd, you have to show them you really need this rifle. :yes:


If, by the end of this month you dont get no joy, ring the Super up and ask him, as from my experince, dealing with the guards, sometimes, the Fo wont even bother to hand in you application. :no:


So be aware mate and dont let them pull the wool over your eyes, as they can be cunning feckers :yes: . ;)



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Does that men no news or bad news :blink:

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Well... come on... don't leave us hanging... don't tell me the ink ran on your app and you have got the thumbs up for a .50 BMG. :o

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