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About To Put In For My Irish FAC

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#1 Guest_Ditch_Shitter_*

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Posted 10 January 2007 - 11:48 pm

I'm asking for a .22 Hornet. The only thing I intend to shoot is foxes and I'm not out to demonstrate my marksmanship or Calling ability (What 'Calling Ability'?!) to anyone ~ just kill foxes. So I figured to go for a rifle up to the job, without being silly.

Rifle I've put my finger on is probably the ugliest f*cking thing I've ever laid eyes on. It's a NEF 'Handi Rifle', in wood. It's the absolute antithesis of the long, slender, sleek and stylish CZ's everyone else seems to have - lucky buggers! But it's the cheapest I could find in a hurry (300 E's, s/h and sans scope) and its brutal ugliness yet suggests something I'd have no qualms about taking out on a night very much like we're having right now. It's a tool. Not a work of art

The barrel is unbelivably heavy and gives the thing an awful front end down feel to it. But as I shoot best with my left hand braced against something - side of a fence post, eg. - that shouldn't be a problem.

Compensating for all this vile is it's amazing little action. It simply breaks open like a 12 Bore and ye pop the round straight into the breech end of the barrel! Can't ask for fairer than that! None of this fiddling around with bolts and slots as the icy rain stings ye eyes in the black of the night and freezes ye fingers. I also like the No Questions Asked facet of seeing a round in there or not.

Single shot, obviously. If I don't kill with that shot, the last thing I want it the ability to succumb to the temptation of racking in another one and taking a snap shot. I'll just have to be my usual, ultra careful, self.

Anyway, there we have it. Ball's rolling. I have two permissions just waiting for me to produce a pen and paper and a neighbour, just the other night, said he'd have me on his land too. Do the paper chase and I'm off down to the Gardae. My intention is to point out my job and show them how much work I have to be done. I'm niether bad nor mad (No! Seriously! :icon_eek: Good boy, me) and Need this tool to better my living.

My biggest fear is that I'm not in a Club so they'll know I have no NARGC behind me. But I Have To try. Get a knock back on this, or told to go play with another bloody Shot Gun for a twelve month and I imagine I'm f*cked. I don't have a clue what this new load of law's all about, but No One seems happy about it at all :no:


#2 Ricky-N.p.p


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Posted 10 January 2007 - 11:52 pm

Best of luck mate ;)

#3 pointer28


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Posted 11 January 2007 - 08:03 am


Stick to your guns mate, you're perfectly entitled to hold a firearms certificate once you haven't done anything to exclude you.

I don't think you need to be in a gun club at all and they will just tell you that hoping you'll go away and save them some paperwork. Be persistent and try to get as much information as you can, once you know what you're talking about and call their bluff, they usually just give in.

Don't be afraid to talk to your local politician and get him to fight your corner if you need it, after all, you're paying his wages.

#4 Guest_Macnas_*

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Posted 11 January 2007 - 08:28 am

Good man Ditch!

Remember to include the approximate acreage of the land you have permission to shoot.

Best of luck boy.

#5 Yokel Matt

Yokel Matt

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Posted 11 January 2007 - 08:29 am

its not that bad a looker ditch


You may find that part of the conditions of you being granted the firearm are that you are accompanied by someone with 'experience'. Thats what i was told about my .243 anyway.

Best of luck bud

#6 Guest_Frank_*

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Posted 11 January 2007 - 08:57 am

Good Luck Ditch. :)

As you say, the more talking you do the better at the barracks. ;)

It does help to be in a gun club, but not essential.

Keep at them and get that cert before the new firearms bill comes in, as it will be like trying for hens teeth when that does come in. :yes:

You will have to get a safe anyway, when it does come in.

Let us know how you get on. :thumbs-up:


#7 mad al

mad al

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Posted 11 January 2007 - 12:13 pm

Good luck DS...............Al :thumbs-up:

#8 jacob


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Posted 11 January 2007 - 02:03 pm

Good luck DS...............Al http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/pub...

:D if they knew the advice you gave someone on how to run power to his shed theyd never let you have a gun you dangerous fecker :laugh: :laugh: only jesting,youll be alright,best of luck

#9 Irish Lurcher

Irish Lurcher

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Posted 11 January 2007 - 04:19 pm

Yeah should be no problem, I had my Hornet before my shotgun, best of luck. If you need any help on advice around your area I know a lad who would be only to happy to help.

#10 Guest_Magwitch_*

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Posted 11 January 2007 - 07:11 pm

my cookers a neff :whistle: is this it DS Posted Image

Edited by Magwitch, 11 January 2007 - 07:13 pm.

#11 Guest_Macnas_*

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Posted 11 January 2007 - 08:30 pm

Fellow I know has a H&R break barrel hornet, looks the spit of that one.

That reminds me, Ditch, if all goes well, get it moderated while you can, the noise out of them is fecking ear-splitting.

#12 Guest_Ditch_Shitter_*

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Posted 12 January 2007 - 12:40 am

Well lads (f*ck me, if I'd shouted that I'd have thought I was DW! :blink:) Thanks for all the encouraging words! And, to think, having stewed over my desicion, then posted word of it last thing, last night, I went to bed and simply couldn't sleep at all for the nagging doubt that I'd pushed the boundries Too far. Now I've read all the above I've calmed down and can see the reason I'm applying for this rifle is truly sound. I'm more than ready to take my reasoning to the Garda too :good:

Answering a couple of points: Yeppers, it looks like that one above, Magwitch. Although the picture makes it look a nice rifle! In the hand, it's so small as to seem a toy and the weight is horrendous! All at the barrel end too.

H & R? Same rifle. They started producing these 'Budget' rifles. Went bust and were bought out by NEF ;) Various subtle differances / models now. Mine's the pig ugliest one! :laugh:

Moderator? Reports say it's Nothing, compared to a .223. I've fired an unmoderated .243 and couldn't honestly say which moved faster; The round, or me! Like a 21 Shot Gun Salute, all of them going off symaltaniously! :icon_eek: Anyway, if this thing has a report on it, I'll be getting a moderator. I'll be shooting at night in a deeply rural community. I don't want to be terrorising my neighbours, or having that possibility distracting me as I choose to fire.

Speaking to a mate just tonight; Reckons it costs 300 Euro's to have a rifle threaded and buy a moderator to screw onto that threading? FFS! Price of the rifle all over again?! Hey ho. Cabinet and bits? I'm probably looking at a grand here. Then I start looking for a good, night 'scope?! FFS! These foxes'll cost 'em! Life's a bitch. But at least I stand to have the right tool for doing my job. No half measures in this game.

Regards my acreages? Thousands! Seriously! One neighbour casually mentioned he'd have me, the other night. If I can catch up with him in time, I'll more or less be free to fire it as far as my eye can see, from my front door, and beyond. Best of it is, most of my ground forms a natural basin. I can circle the rims and fire down onto any target down there, knowing the round has no where else to go but the bottom of the bog.

Bottom line is; It's part of my proper job. I need the right tool. There's no sound reason I shouldn't be allowed the tool. Membership of some 'Gun Club' would likely make my position unassailable. But, sadly, whilst The Lads in town are now coming to see I'm alright, I'm just outside their 'jurisdiction'. And 'My Club' is based around a place I simply never have reason to visit. Shafted. And, if I get a knock back, it'll be because they'll know I have no bloody NARGC to back me up :( No other reasonable excuse to refuse me.

Anyway, we'll see.

#13 Guest_Ditch_Shitter_*

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Posted 12 January 2007 - 01:10 am

Applies to a differant model of rifle, mate. And these 'Rifle Geeks' DO love their load variations etc.

But reports I've browsed reckon the NEF can quite reliably place a Hollow Point into a 1" Grouping at 100 Yards. To my way of thinking, that means aim for head centre or a shade below / behind and ye'll have a dead fox.

Frankly, I'm Not a Buff. I tend to ask what the 'usual' is and get on with it. I did that with my last (Air) rifle and very quickly learned to point her where she wanted, in order to make the hit where I wanted.

Quite simply; Untill I can do that with paper, no way on earth would I turn a rifle on a live target. But then who, in their right mind, would? :icon_eek:

#14 Guest_Frank_*

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Posted 12 January 2007 - 07:46 am

When were you thinking of steping into the Garda station and having a chat Ditch?

Was the firearms dealer a local falla Ditch, sounds expensive enough, but then again prices have gone sky high since i got my tools. :blink:

I had a CZ .22 Hornet for years, fantastic caliber in my opinion and no way as noisey as the .223, ideal for your needs. ;)


Edited by Frank, 12 January 2007 - 07:47 am.

#15 Guest_Macnas_*

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Posted 12 January 2007 - 08:57 am

I suppose I'm paranoid about gunfire, as my hearing is half fecked from it.

Your sundry costs sound expensive. Can't comment on the threading and moderator, but theres's guyhere charge 70€ for the labour, no more than that.

You could pick up a cabinet for 200€, that you'd get a couple of guns into.

Do not tell the powers that be that you are going to use a night vision scope!

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