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Got a tin of Bisley magnum in .177, I've used around 30. Would like some JSB Exact 4.53, Falcon Accuracy plus or something

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I like the idea, ill have abit of this, i have .22 bisley magnums, .22 bisley practice, .22 H & N Field Target Trophy, JSB Exact .22. And i will try any .22 people want to send my way :thumbs:

I have .22 pellets as follows

Crosman premiere

Jbs exact

Rows super dome field line

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Looking to try some RWS Superfields in 4.52mm, the RWS manufactured variety not the re-badged JSB Exacts, my HW77 shoots well with the 4.51mm Superfields so thought I'd give the 4.52's a go, also looking for some H&N FTT's in 4.52mm. Can swap the following, 30-50 would be enough.


AA Diablo Fields 4.52mm

H&N FTT 4.50mm





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looking for some 1.77 bisley mags or h&n field target trophy, ive got 1.77 aa diabolo fields, pm me cheers.

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i have some crossman ultra magnum 5.5mm 14.3grn and rws super h point 5.5mm 14.2grn, both .22 i would like to swap 25 of each for something different to try possibly in 5.52 and 5.53mm and slightly heavier grain thanks.

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Hi Everyone, I have a tin(400-450)RWS superfield 5.51, 15.9 gr. if anyone wants to try some or swap let me now.( I normally shot h&n ftt and crossman ultra magnums, both these are 5.53)

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