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young hunters competition

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do i have to have photo's as i want to write about a recent ferreting trip, but the ting is i took no photo's and have none on this computer -.- and too cold to go get some more now -.-

the competion will be voted on by all members so any photos will help in your votes :thumbs:

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Hi john

just a thought but do you think the competition should be postponed due the hunting bans coming in on wildbirds?

Just a thought





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Hi john

just a thought but do you think the competition should be postponed due the hunting bans coming in on wildbirds?

Just a thought





i'm not sure about that bud

i think the mods are going to take over the comp as some ppl are not too happy about the idea of addresses being given to me to post the prizes over concerns of the comp being for youngsters

i'am currently waiting on a mod getting back to me about these concerns as i had suggested routing the prizes to a mod for them to send the prizes to the winner and runners up so at the moment i'm not too sure whats happening

maybe you should ask a mod about the ban on wild birds

cheers john

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Well with all the snow we have had in the past 2 weeks my school decided to shut for the week.

Great i thought i can finally get out for a bit with me being so busy with school :D i havent really had a chance.

So Thursday was booked in for shooting day.

Rang up the farmer told him when and where i was going to be and he said he wanted to see me before i went out. :icon_eek:

Thursday came and at half eight i arived at Mr.Owens farmyard.

He brought me into the house and he took 4 boxes of remington cartridges out of the press.

He handed me them and said thank you for clearing out the rabbits that had been destroying his land.

I was delighted with this and i thanked him and headed off to the fields.

I had only brought the terrier with me today as she has been doing particularly well flushing up everything from rabbits to pheasant.

The land consists of 200acres of grass, wheat,and rape seed.

I started on the border of the wheat field and made my way down with my little companion at my heels.

There was a disturbance in a the undergrowth. The terrier picked this up and went straight in only for a cock pheasant to burst out crowing like mad.

This was put down with a reminton 32g 5.

I was going to give this pheasant to Mr.Owens as a little thank you for the cartridges.

We walked on down the rest of the wheat field and the only other thing to stir was a hare which looked to beautiful to shoot so i let him go.

We walked around 300 meters from the grass field and saw the horses were out so i left that field and went to the OSR field.

I was hoping that the pigeons had started on this by now but with all the snow i wasnt really surprised.

As i came through the gateway into the field a another cock pheasant burst out but flew right along the hedge very low so i had to let him go as i always make sure the shot is safe before i fire.

I was a little gutted about this but its better to be safe than sorry.

About 60 yards into the field the terriers ears stood right up and her eyes were fixed on one position i tapped her on the head and she charged to hedge and out flew a snipe.

This fella was fast but just as he rose i took the shot and he dropped down.

I have a few snipe now and they are such a fantastic bird to shoot.

As i went to pick up the bird i realised i couldnt see the dog and just at that moment another cock pheasant tore out of the hedge and this time he was high.

BANG and he dropped.

I was more happy with my terriers work than the shot as i have put a lot of time and training into her and its lovely to see it all pay off.

It was nearly 10 at this stage so time to head in.

As i was leaving the rape seed another snipe was put up and then put down with the trusty single barrel.

Mr.Owens was delighted with the pheasant and we had a quick chat about the days events.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed the shoot and i hope to add more in the coming weeks.




SG :thumbs:

Edited by shotgunny

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heard about the trouble with the mods john :thumbdown::whistling:


questioned for your generosity :thumbdown:



all the best to the people that enter




atb shaun :thumbs:

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My ferreting trip


I got a phone call from my mate cal, asking if I fancied a few hours with him, his brother and lurcher. As you can well imagine, I jumped at the chance and arranged to meet him outside the permission at 9:00am.


The following morning, I got the 2 jills and my Lakeland terrier ready for action, I loaded up the car and set of for the permission. We finally arrived and let the farmer know that we were present, and set of for the many warrens across the white, crisp fields.


We started on a small 7 hole warren to get into the swing of things as the dogs seemed very eager, we placed the 2 jills down the hole, and within seconds, our first rabbit had hit the net. My ferrets came up, so we boxed them up and gave cals ferrets a run, after a long wait, one of cals ferrets showed up, we boxed her up and started to coax the other out with the previous rabbit as digging was practically impossible, just as we started waving the rabbit around the hole, out came rabbit number 2 with my terrier straight on it, it was a bit of a shock actually. His ferret came out shortly afterwards, thank god.


We swiftly moved onto another warren located in a hedge row. This was a real b*sted to net, with over 30 holes, we didn’t have enough nets for all, so we netted the ones likely to be used and relied on the dogs to nail the rest. As it was such a big warren, we sent down all 4 for quick results, it was a good 5 min before the 3rd rabbit bolted, but it slipped the net and found sanctuary in another nearby warren with the dogs hot on its heels. After a few more minutes the 4th one bolted and was successfully netted and was quickly dispatched followed by the 5th one which was nailed by the lurcher.


The day was fading fast, so we called it a day with 4 rabbits in the bag, with a near 5. We let the farmer know of our efforts and he was grateful for it. We all enjoyed the day, and arranged to meet again the following Saturday for another session.

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I woke Up bright and early looking forward to a day's ferreting on nearby land. The rabbits on this permission are known to be stubborn and not easy to bolt from their warrens. In situations like this, a good ferret that knows the job well is needed. Luckily, I am the proud owner of an amazing ferret called Fezz


Four year old Fezz knows every trick in the trade when it comes to ferreting, well at least I'd hope so. After a good breakfast, it was time to wake her for her days work. Fezz popped her head from her bedbox and sat by the door of her run. I keep two ferrets, Both jills, And unlike her companion Mossy, Fezz is the calmest of the two. She gave a big yawn and I picked her out from the hutch. She climbed staight on to my shoulder and we walked to the ferreting box. I placed her in and secured the latch.


The night before, I had thoroughly checked my purse nets and other equipment to make sure there was no damage to spoil the day out. One piece of equipment I don't use use with my ferrets is a ferret locator. Many people use this to dig out their ferrets if a rabbit is dispatched underground or if a ferret traps a group of rabbits in a dead end tunnel. If Fezz or Mossy kills a rabbit underground, they pull it to the surface.


When I arrived at the fields, the conditions were perfect, with very little wind to spook the rabbits and prevent them bolting. The set I chose to work first was in the centre of a cluster of trees and consisted of fourteen or so individual holes or bolts. Most were open and easily accessible but a few were under low branches. I netted the holes, making sure that all were covered, leaving one open for my dog! driving the peg into the ground before opening the net and covering the opening. the whole process of covering only took a few minutes. I lifted a purse net to one side and placed my jill into the hole. Although reluctant at first, she soon descended in hot pursuit of the long eared enemy.


I took up a position around the warren and waited, soon the time passed, nothing happened, Fezz soon arose to the surface with a look explaining that nothing was there, well that's what it came across as.


After a short brew break I entered her yet again to another hole, I thought was connected to the warren I entered her two just twenty minutes ago. Almost immediately, the first rabbit bolted beside me,quickly followed by Fezz. I dispatched the rabbit quickly and without pain. Fezz turned around almost instinctively I put my foot over the unetted hole while untangling my first catch. No sooner was the net replaced than another rabbit bolted on the other side, with Fezz again directly behind.


Ferrets I have owned previously had nothing on Fezz, as she drives them up to the surface, almost forcing them to bolt, it's strange really, as after going with a couple of my friends and their ferrets, they just seem to wonder about down below just scaring them, but Fezz always pops up after each rabbit sighted.


I felt the ground shake suddenly under me and rabbit sprang from the nearest hole. Fezz's head appeared and then she turned back before resurfacing and exiting the hole.


If Fezz leaves the set, you can be sure there are no more rabbits below so I returned her to the box. Her working skills had so far netted a bag of five rabbits which I was more than happy with, that is enough to feed the ferrets for a couple of days, unfortunately no action for my good old dog, but was a good day out all in all, with an all-right catch.


I was very happy with Fezz's work so far and moved on in search of other warrens. Another half an our later it was coming upon 6 in the evening, which I thought would be too late, I didn't want to chance Fezz getting stuck down a hole, and I wasn't one for digging at that time, so I once again packed up with five rabbits to count for. I Called it a day, even if I never got a result, It wouldn't of bothered me that much, its the sport that counts not if you win or loose just the fact that its a sport I love and take pride in doing.


Happy Hunting





(photo's coming soon )

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Hi all

After having a day off hunting yesterday i decided to have a pop at some woodies in my local forest permission.

This land also belongs to Mr.Owens so after a quick chat on the phone to explain when and where i would be i was off to the fields with the terrier again. :thumbs:

I walked down the edge of a field of wheat stubble hoping that a pigeon would break from one of the many trees which border this field.

Poppy,my terrier made a dash to the hedge after something.

I stood back a few yards to see what it was and a young cock pheasant emerged about 10 yards away and flew off.

No shot was taken because of the ban on gamebirds due to the harsh weather were are experiencing at the moment. :thumbdown:

Another few fields were walked down with one pigeon being taken while crossing over a flightline.


I arrived at the forest and it was eerie with all the mist and fog but it did make for some lovely photos and good cover for incoming birds.

I had only just got into position when the first pigeon flew in.

He was dispatched quickly with a diana 32g super speed cartridge.After this shot went off the forest echoed with the noise of gunshots and the smell of gun powder lingered in the air.

It was another 10 minutes before i saw anything else but this time it was a grey crow which once again was shot but unfortuently could not be recovered from the dense undergrowth.

The bird was stone dead so no pain or suffering was caused.

After the crow was shot i took two pigeonsin quick succession one of which was a very high shot which my terrier retrieved. :boogie: :boogie:


On the way home 4 mallard were put up by the terrier but once again no shot was taken due to the bans in place.


Another very enjoyable shooting trip and i managed to get some pictures on the scenery aswell so i hope you enjoy.






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