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Maroccini 12 guage

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Av Maroccini 12 guage over and under multi choke

does anyone know anything about them?

is would it be steel proofed?

its forsale on pigeon watch i have asked how old it is he says he doesn't know he also said that he thinks all moden guns are steel proofed

£250 a ok price



How old is the gun? what size chamber is it? is it steel proofed? is it tight now its been to the gun smith? would you be willing to rfd to rfd

Hope you don't mind the questions



2/34 (70mm) chamber.

think i got told that all modern guns are steel proofed, anyway i have used it , yes it was not to bad to start with but the safety was not good so the smith recomended they tighten it as well.

Age not a clue, if no takers by monday i would maybe rfd at your cost of course.

hope this helps Dave

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