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new army shovel

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has any one used one of these, im in the army so ive dug a few holes theres a knife blade down the side for hacking ungrowth and a saw on the other you can also angle the whole thing so i turns into a pick ,i use them a lot as most of the places i ferret are headge rows or b*****d bushes on golf courses ,i can get my hands on a few i anyone is willing to pay the postage ,wont be back from Bosnia till March so best pm me after chrismas.

i have dug to terriers a few times with one of them spades.there alright for a foot or 2 but anymore than that and there hard work.there handy to have though. :)

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You would be better of using your helmet to dig that one of those pieces of shit if you are in the army you should know your kit is supplied by the lowest bidder get rid of it and reallocate a G10 shovel to your home

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while these shovels may be handy in the most undemanding situations,i can't believe

the army has to cope with it,you army folk,should take a leaf or two out of our books,

though you lads do a great job,you are not furnished with the right equipment to start with,if your shovels are that basic,your guns can't be much better,you should all question your superiors and the gov'mt

for issuing you with inferior tools,how the hell do you do your jobs,all the best,


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i got one here id leave that in the cutelery draw and take a tea spoon digging if it come to the push they are useless cracking set up fold down fit in ur poket game bag ect but for strenth :wallbash:

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