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First wild boar

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Cra* shooting.

The bullet often passes through the beast and a professional hunter always but always makes sure there is a safe backstop behind the quarry. YOU WERE LUCKY.

We might have been reading about this in the smellygraph if a jogger got slotted by uncontrolled splinters.


i've been shooting for some time now i'm not a- div pup -no all about backstops - and the backstop in this case is a 20ft bank with no roads bridleparths footpaths within 4 miles


I wouldn't have evin replied to that comment its just a jellos remark

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not being funny bud but did you intetionally wait untill one was behind the other?

if so its not the sort of thing to be done with pigs and deer.if not then your "know all about backstops" is just as invalid as the tone used earlier (crap shooting......).

its our responsibility to shoot cleanly(this sort of thing happens,especially at night.but should be avoided where possible).

bavarian brit is obviously living in germany(is german or has lived there) where this kind of thing is seriously frowned upon,the hunter would be considered irresponsible and callous(there version of "sporting behaviour" the "waidgerechtigkeit" would forbid any such shooting and so i can understand where he is coming from(i learned the "game" in germany too,under a very traditional and excellant mentor).

hence my answear to his reply "bauern doublette" is a term used for this,meaning "agriculural double" and its not flattering in any way.

all the same it went well and nothing was injured(excluding a third boar possibly?).




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good shooting- never shot wild boar-not too many about here in Somerset


good write up with excellent photos- nice one


Les :boogie:

We need to let some go in somerset , There are some orsome spots where they would thrive !!!!!!!

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I am new to boar shooting and have been going to the hide constantly for a month to see when thay are coming out in the hope of getting one (no luck) then on saturday night i finaly got the chance to take my First ever shot at a boar , at a distance of 110 yds i shot my .308 howa and downed it straight away , left the hide only to find not only the one i shot at but a smaller one a few yards away hit with the same round.the big one weighed in at 237 lb and the smaller one at 158 lb. i will probably never manage to do this again but i am well happy 1 shot 2 boar :gunsmilie:

nice shooting bud :thumbs:


atb keano

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