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have you ever shot yourself.

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Hi Tom,


I worked at a specialist Med Centre in Hull.


I was the Security & Close Protection Officer for the staff.


Our 'Clients' were varied, Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Mental Health problems, People living on the streets, Sex industry workers, people who were too violent to be seen by a 'normal' GP.


If we made it for 30 minutes without an incident we were having a good day :icon_eek:


I loved it there and I miss the place greatly.

The only good thing about me leaving is that I no longer have to wear the hot and heavy body armour anymore :)




wow it sounds a lot more interesting than a 9-5 office job! bet it kept you on your toes hey. i do gardening its pretty mundane im thinking about packing it in but not sure what it is i want to do you know have to see im only young still so got time to figure it out :hmm:

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i shot a golf ball a few years back

i even heard the pellet comming back at me the whack straight in my head :icon_redface:


it was well inbedded so i went to the docs he said it would be fine so i left it for a few months

then went back to get it removed supprizing how the doc stuggled to get it out again

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i was out on some land i shoot (every thing is close range) so i neva have the safety on because the rabbits would bolt when i took it of (its a tx200 it makes a CLICK). so i seen this rabbit but there was no shot on because there was bushes in the way so i sneked through them with the gun bye my side then bang it went off a twig had court the triger i felt a big wack on my foot but i didnt think it had gone through so i reloaded but the time i had the rabbit had gone. them my foot started to frob so i looked down and there was a hole in my boot so i took my boot off and gess what where was a hole in my toe both sides but no hole in the bottom of my boot so i looked for the pellet in my shoe but could not find it. so i went to a&e and they did an xray the pellet had shatterd in my toe there was 4 buts of pellet still in there so i had to hav ean operation to take the bits of pellet out.(i neva found the rest of the pellet). i ALLWAYS have my safety on now :laugh:

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thats 1 thing you'll never forget and a big reminder for everyone else SAFETY FIRST !!! even though weve all done it mate (safety catch that is )

atb gary

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