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allrounder lad

allround cartridge

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an ounce of eley 6s for pigeons roosting, flighting or decoying as it stops them dead in the air every time.

an ounce of eley 7s for rough shooting as it gives me the best all round performance on every thing from snipe to pheasant. (there is no changing cartridges when theres a chance of a snipe or woodcock as apposed to a pheasant)

I think it does not really matter what cartridge you use be it no 9 or bb it is what you do with that cartridge. Missing a pigeon with 5s is the same as missing them with 7s. Gunfit and choke choice is vitally important. your gun must be choked suitable to the quarry. my aya is choked cylinder and 1/4 and i ve shot every thing with it.

pick a cartridge and choke combination and stick with it that is the way you improve.


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i dont know how many different cartridges are in my bag, i use what ever goes bang. there is shot sizes from 5 -8 in there, if your shooting good that day anything will do if your having a bad day anything will also do.

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Right i use 28gr No 7.5 for clays and 32gr No 6 for pigeons and crows mine work out at £80 per 1000 We load our own and make out own shot ..... :icon_redface:


Hide shooting last autumn on bean stubble my mate realised he had picked the wrong cartridge bag up and all he had were our 28gr No 7.5 and he shot more than 1 pigeon dead in the air at a good 45..to 50 yds :clapper: :clapper:

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