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Show us your dogs working pics

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that gwp looks the business, like the image when he is retreiving the fox!

Yes quite a dramatic pic.

Shortly after I got my springer I lay in wait and shot a fox which had been killing our hens. I went back to fetch the dog to show him the scent just out of curiosity. He picked it up and started carrying it !

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nice bitch dunc how things going mate.

happy new year Tommy things OK bud the ban on shooting certain gear is a bummer, got a gwp pup so all mi time is took up on it what you got your self cheers.

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All shot and retrieved without a mark from the dog :laugh:


now thats a nice pic of your dog doing what he loves and not bee nice looking dog that proffs that they can be uesed for hunting

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Some more

Showing my ignorance here but do you have a ban on water fowl during the cold weather in ireland? Just mention coz of the pic with the snipe retrieve.

Not being critical you understand. Cracking pics.







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