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the great white hunter

deerhound crosses

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most recent one of mine.
mine is the brindle deer/grey/bull just over 2 year old now. my mate owns the bitch on the left, she is 18 month now and proving to be a very good bitch.



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Some cracking looking dogs :yes:


A few of mine which have small percentage of deerhound in their blood.


Breed my old lurcher x lurcher to a deerhound / beardie lurcher.


3 rough pups from the litter



one of the pups with her sire @ 10 months old.



Bella at 3 years old & nine weeks after having pups at 5 years old.






I then breed the above bitch to a whippet/greyhound - hoping to simplify the cross and end outcome. However this wasn't the case and had an allround mixture - Only pup we had to advertise got sold to chap on the site.


This is Celt, 2 in July and coming on well.

as advertised on here;



11 months old after a clip;



Just over a year old after his first little outing;




congratulations sir, getting a dog and keeping it, breeding to keep your line going for your needs and having the patience to wait till a pup matures a wee bit before entering it :clapper::clapper::clapper: theres a few on here could learn from this.........oh and your dogs look in top condition

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the only one i could find........belle is on the right and remember she finished 26" her sister jean (in the middle) i think ended 28" and the 'big' brother that lives with their breeders gran, i think they were about 7 or 8 mnths here


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