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R.M Commando

rabbit acribats

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Hi Les,

I've just re-read the OP.

If the 1st dropped without problems and stayed down, then the Lightning is obviously zero'd and its running with enough power to do the job.


Then you say your shot was taken with the BSA Ultra and Bugs does a spin, so obviously a hit. He then hops off. I reckon that was over penetration.


What pellets are you both using?

Oh and do you drive a 4x4 with a green antenna on the drivers side by any chance?



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sub 12ft/lbs with the correct shot placement will kill.


even with total (in one side and out the other) penertration.


i would check zero and power first, then try and find the best pellet for your gun.


anything upto 15/16 grains is the perfect load for a pcp.


alot of people think a heavier pellet will kill better, which in most cases it won't ALL pcps (sub 12ft/lbs) are designed around a pellet weight of 15/16 grains.........so that is the pellet to choose.





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