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Guest air gunner

Rabbits not staying out.

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No not all ppl with pcp's are novices. Novices usually start with a springer due to them being cheaper. Pcp's are quiter, posibility of multishot and easier to shoot because they arent as hold sensative as someone has already said.



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I'd just reiterate the point about the sound caused by pellet impact. Even a very far shot for a 12 ft.lb rifle at .177 can cause a hell of a crack when lead hits skull, far noisier than my HW100K during the firing cycle. May is the best time for shooting rabbits from my limited experience; they're less twitchy and more likely to come out. By the time the late summer comes, survival of the fittest comes into play and invariably that means only the ones who are generally much more careful and circumspect are around.

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