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N O B S...any good?

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Silver pigeon! obviously a senior member of the pigeon watch forum who was to shit scared to leave my comments in place re: nobs insurance and the pitfalls that may occur? despite me being able to substansiate my post!!


You couldn't be more wrong, I am not a senior member of anywhere, certainly not an Internet Forum.


I have been in your presence (with others) and have heard your rantings about threatening legal action to all and sundry.

Not a very edifying spectacle.


Nothing like a good rant to make one feel better!!!

Legal action - I can recommend one or two legal bods - invaluable when you shoot with high flying barristers!!

Shame people resort to personal attackes when they have no answers to valid questions.

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NOBS Accounts year ended 30.6.2009 are available at getitorfyerchest.myfreeforum.org

No sponsorship deal, loss nearly £400

No membership figure just total revenue - they cannot have 9,000 + paid up members

NOBS Forum moribund apart from newcomers and moderators, regional officers and local reps.

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