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went out to zero my NV unit

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Well done Davy, which NV have you got? and if you get a minute, can you take a pic through the NV when its switched on at night, with a rabbit in veiw, so I can see what it looks like in the veiw finder, like I said earlier, I'm thinking about getting a some NV, so want to look through a few different ones before I buy, and they always look different in the shop, cheers mate :thumbs:



hi stealthy

i cant do it as my phone has a flash on it and tried it the other night but it may fook up me scope?i will try video of me phone?but my video camera has NV on it, if i can get it to work i will. but be patient young Jedi!






Cheers Davy, your a scholar :clapper:

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A great read up & great shooting Davy! :notworthy:



Just seen the link you put up on the BBS.


They will not allow links to THL because of a bunch of :wankerzo4: 's that used to inhabbit this great place.


Said :wankerzo4: 's used to cause great trouble over there, and when they were banned they came over here and started.


Thats why I never posted much for a long time on here, it wasn't a very pleasent place to be, unlike now!


Now I spend more time here than the BBS.

I even put up a link to an article I had published in a magazine that was considdered 'competition' to the sponsors of bbs and other mag's that link was also censored:(



Not strictly true I reckon! :D


Threads have been started on here by quite a few disgruntled ex - BBS members who were banned for petty reasons. Then someone went running back to the admin there, and people started getting banned just for posting on here. :yes:

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Best way to photograph through NV I've heard is to use an old film camera with the flash switched off :thumbs:

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