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Wrecking Crew

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Thanks for the apology Catcher 1, i really didnt understand what you were trying to say, i thought you were just being sarcastic, i unfortunately wasnt able to run a deer or fox dog before the ban so i am really interested in watchng old footage to see what it was all about,

Anyway we see eachothers point of view now



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I have read the other couple of posts about foxing with lurcher dvds and i keep seeing the wrecking crew dvd mentioned, i have a copy on vhs of a group of lads lamping foxes, deer and some daytime deer but its shit quality, is there any decent quality fox/deer with lurchers dvds about or is it just re-copies of old footage? If there is how do you get hold of them?





Bar-L.D wing Second landing, Cell 24 .Ask anyone :wallbash: Catcher 1



Didn't realise watching pre-ban footage is illegal.



Fair play.I,ll say this to you and lamper121.Some of us dont need outher people,s DVD We have been there and done it pre-ban Sorry for making you look a fool.atb. Catcher 1



Ran Hares preban, never deer or fox.

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