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Driven Turkeys

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We put ten down two seasons ago. Only cost £3 each as well grown poults. Real characters, took them most of the season to get proper wild, lost two to a pigeon shooter who shot them on the deck in the neighbours wood, two were killed by foxes under the roosting trees, we shot just one ourselves, three just disappeared and two ended up in the nearest village about a mile away. Last one was seen in the April following an August release. We had them more as a novelty than a shootable bird, they always got a comment but we did not have the land to show them at their best. On flat land they will fly strongly but only fast and low, I have seen them launch off valley tops and they are amazing, like a B-52 going over the gun line.


Three of the poults in the pen



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Guest Rod&dog
if your just after a different bird to shoot, what about guinea fowl, or quails even, bloody quick those.



I put six guinea fowl down on my old ground in my wood. They where never considered sporting ,, Noisy basterds always flew to the nearest branch or bush :censored: ,,However when pushed out of game cover they would fly a bit but it was nout speacial. We only ever shot two,, And As far as i know since that ground not being managed or keepered very often at all now the survivors have since been predated on by foxes and cats and have long gone.

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