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german short haired

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That would be the same lines, allthough iam not sure if it is the sire or not i will try and find out for you. i dont know much about the sires side of the lines allthough he did make it through to the scottish feild trial championships last year and came in a very respectable place :yes:;)


What did you think of the dog you saw mate?

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I didn`t actually see the dog i just remember seeing the name in fixtures and results.Mine was from the "friuli" kennels,it was the only kennels in the uk,at that time, to have bred,reared and trialed a international ftch dog.In the early nineties the main field trial kennels where Friuli, Swifthouse,Midlander,Trophill.I haven`t been to a trial for over 10 years so i would not know what was out there now.

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