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  1. How times have changed

    You get the same modern day aswell
  2. How times have changed

    It's like a morgue in here sometimes
  3. Speakers corner live

    I'd imagine anything to make you louder isn't allowed because in the end it would just end up huge speakers and deafening sound from them
  4. Cannabis oil

    Blue edition I buy him . 60 quid the size I get him
  5. Cannabis oil

    Tbh that brand is the only ones he's tried but he wouldn't be without it now. His backs f****d from falling through a loft hatch years ago in work . It eases it for him in the day
  6. Cannabis oil

    That's the ones I get for my dad
  7. April 3'rd punish a muslim day?

    Problem with the need to find news for 24 hours a day is bullshit likes this gets air time.
  8. April 3'rd punish a muslim day?

    What a load of rubbish
  9. RIP Threads

    It's not just here it's everywhere. It's not something I join in on unless that person meant something .
  10. Crufts

    The cynic in me thinks she didn't want someone stealing her bag of money (dog) Should have unleashed the akita when peta came in
  11. Crufts

    Probably west ham fans carriyng on the party from yesterday
  12. Wild boar

    Might be a stupid question but I'll ask it anyway . I've read on here to not feed ferrets pork because of salt content. Would it be the same for wild boar meat?
  13. Who wants it then

    My dog AHEM! , I mean tiger is actually a tank
  14. Who wants it then

    My dogs a tiger
  15. Trump has muzzlednthe mad dog