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  1. Carved Eagle Opinel No6

    I'd be to scared of losing it. Looks stuning tho
  2. Dumb down for kids?

    I think gingers just a wind up fishing for bites
  3. Dumb down for kids?

    Maybe he's got all that and fancied living in the sun
  4. New forum set up,quick question

    Is there any way to see what post got the most likes?
  5. Dumb down for kids?

    It should read " They is fick, so theirs cids will be"
  6. Dumb down for kids?

    Mine watch scooby do and other kids TV , recently I've banned kids TV monday-thursday and they didn't really care . Just played in they're room that's all. Most kids their age have TVs in their room but we won't allow it until he's in high school. Can't see the need for it . When they go to bed at half 7 they go their bedrooms and sleep easy and sent tired in the morning. They've got a tablet each for Xmas last year but we've only allowed them when we gave them to them . Couple hours a week they'd play Minecraft or whatever on their tablets. At the moment my boy can't find his , it's been missing in the house for a month and he's not to fussed .
  7. Dumb down for kids?

    My boys 7 and my favourite thing is peeking in his room and seing him playing with toys , giving them voices and storylines etc . Plenty of time for growing up when their older
  8. Another side to Muslims.

    I don't agree with anything you say , but everybody is 100% entitled to their own opinion.
  9. Another side to Muslims.

    This should be interesting
  10. LYNX OR NOT??

  11. Parenting

    Can't stop them from them completely , their part of growing up these days. So long as you keep tabs on them you'll be alright . My kids got kindle tablets last Christmas and my boy loved it loads . He only got to play it for a few hours on the weekend and maybe a hour in the week . He's misplaced the tablet a month ago in the house somewhere and he's not that bothered about not being on it.
  12. Parenting

    Thinks it's fake. The same guy has done the same style videos with loads of different consoles and different weapons . Chainsaws etc. Probably made a lot of money from it
  13. Im sure someone will be along soon to say Muslims
  14. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    Don't they mean the same thing
  15. Clothes

    God knows. But with his award winning personality I doupt anybody will find out Joking aside so long as you wear clean pants and don't piss yourself I can't see the crotch whiffing to much