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  1. Mortgages

    Thanks for the reply kanny, what do you mean by set fee mate?
  2. Mortgages

    Anyone in the know about the above, im looking to buy my council house, im getting a very good discount at the minute, so the land an registry are telling me. Im waiting on someone from housing excutive coming out to value the house. I know my credit score has to be good, an decent flow of cash going threw my bank, thats all good, is there any other criteria i should be aiming for? Throw your hints an tips in if anyone has any, thanks
  3. Out Today

    Great work ss
  4. The Noble Order of the Perpetually Offended........

    She has to be a sjw feminist.
  5. Dwarf nonce

    Sweet f**k, that judge should be put in jail what a wanker.
  6. Who needs a bellman lol

    Thanks mate shes calm an composed, shes knows when its her time to shine. End of season she got five in a row, all seperate digs, hit the last one like she hit first.
  7. Who needs a bellman lol

    Thanks len she sure does lad.
  8. Trump Under Fire

    Yeah its truth voon check it out
  9. Trump Under Fire

    Old trump done it again, first ever foreign leader to be invited to the forbidden city in bejing, yes thats first since the beginning of the republic of china, president xi an his wife invited him for a munch. Couldnt be that bad lads
  10. Who needs a bellman lol

    Six foot mate
  11. Who needs a bellman lol

    There you go matehttps://www.dropbox.com/s/fz78qa62s238exm/VID-20171109-WA0003.mp4?dl=0
  12. This one punched me right in the gut

    Shed a tear myself dave, thanks for sharing.
  13. Who needs a bellman lol

    Click link when vid comes up scroll ovsr, let me know you see it larry, might be just me seeing the two
  14. Who needs a bellman lol

    For anyone interested, shes straight half, shes slimmed down as much as i can get her, for foxes on the lamp.
  15. Biddy

    Lol larry