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  1. New Season Of Peaky Blinders

    I've enjoyed the blinders since it started, last night's first episode was a shock 😂 , when a black hand turns up at your door... Your f****d atb dc
  2. Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    Old girl just had this canvas made for me, from z pic from last season 👍. Atb dc
  3. Clothes

    When I want named stuff I hit tk max lol, wear alot of mammut, montane, Lowe alpine walking gear, berghaus for Base, top layers being my favourite but the quality is not as good as 10 yrs ago, I've bought harkila, seeland, deerhunter, ridge line trousers over the years, the seeland and deerhunters have lasted the longest, I bought some berretta gear that I rate quite highly too, I've no problem wearing last yrs designs at half bubble 😂 I've found looking like a rambler bring less attention than dressed up like a f***ing sniper when out and about, used to spend hundreds every season on boots that I would kill off in a few months, I bought some grade 1 hiax boots off fleabay for £35 and they on their 3rd season fingers crossed, they say pay cheap, pay twice but if you can find the bargains you don't need to pay over the odds. Atb dc
  4. Litter of pups

    Ideal for good bags of rabbits on the lamp. Atb with them
  5. Breeding At 8 Years Old.

    Speaking too a very well known and respected terrier man, who tells it how it is, that gave me a stud for my bitch, about older bitches, and breeding, he lined an older bitch he had, she need a c-section and had the one pup-so surly age is a factor??? Sorry fd I'm not in the habit of trying to make folks look a fool for a one up so to speak.... But keeping a dog a live with cancer says alot about the owner imho- is it ego or selfishness? Personally if I had one diagnosed with it, the poor thing would be resting on that bench at the first opportunity not prodded or poked about, maybe I'm softer than you? , but I wouldn't dream of letting any of my animals suffer unnecessarily. It's a forum for asking others opinions I gave mine from my own experiences be it good or bad, life's a learning curve, my own personal experiences tell me to be cautious on the question in hand. Granted some folks drag litter after litter out of bitches every 6 m with no issues 👍 I'm not one of them, been knocked down and started from scratch more than once. I gave away a fox only bitch few weeks ago with all the breeding I've had behind it, I knew in my heart of hearts that breeding from her would only set me back to what I wanted to achieve in the long run.... As good as the dogs in her make up were, having sentimental views and taking that punt, don't keep you in consistent digging dogs season after season imo, Just being honest not looking for an argument pal. Atb dc
  6. why get involved??

    I woke up yrs ago and realised that 1 person can not make a difference.... People in power want us all like sheep, never to question them.... Just look what happens when someone stands up and folks follow or question the tripe they feed us.... Martin Luther King, john Lennon, jfk to name a few, the world is in the state it is because the powers that be, like it that way. No amount of charity or money's gonna solve that mate.... Just worry about you and yours. Life's hard enough here without giving your hard earned coin to the cnuts that pull the strings. Upset the apple cart and you be rubbed out👍 atb dc
  7. why get involved??

    All the money in the world can't buy you happiness.... Look at geldofs smack ratdaughther, her mother..... Mess on the cnut himself, and he's got the cheek to ask for money, how much has the dirty cnut put in his arms the last 35 yrs? If all these musicians and celebrities are that bothered let them donate some of their f***ing savings . Charity starts at home on our shores imo, f**k the rest of the world. Atb
  8. Weed ;)

    There's something about twisting up a fatty and kicking back.... More social imo than listening to some prick coughing and spluttering all over you atb dc
  9. Weed ;)

    It pisses over a flight box , load it up with your product, set the temp, press power, when the green light glows its ready to go, takes around 2 mins to heat up from cold, then a few seconds there after. Atb dc
  10. Weed ;)

    About £130 and a free credit card grinder 😂 had mine 2/3 yrs. Owned loads of different ones over the yrs, the sonic is about the best. Atb dc
  11. Weed ;)

    I got one of these, last around 3/4 hrs on a charge, put green or hashish/pollen through it. Volcano 's are bulky in the house, this one's about the size of a 20 embassy box and portable 😂. Atb dc
  12. View From Your Swim

    That's very bitter N 😂 , nice fish At 👍