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  1. Jim and Micky

    Packed for that sort of weather lol, but last trip was real warm, f***ing midges eating us alive.... Running all over your cock when you stopped for piss
  2. Jim and Micky

    Highlands October time, we take our own chest freezers up there with us, when they full we dig a deep hole so they last until we get home, no point killing stuff and leaving it rot👍 Not often we ferreting in t-shirts mid October but on this day it was 19 degrees on the advie estate 😎
  3. Jim and Micky

    Half are frozen won't lie boys😂
  4. Jim and Micky

    Pull your tongue out of his arse.... Did he not have his knickers in a twist calling lads all sorts on an open forum, when he couldn't get his own way on here??? That why he don't come on no more??? Personally couldn't give 2 fucks how many rabbits he drags around half frozen for a photo shot. f**k him and his band of merry arse lickers
  5. View From Your Swim

    Your still welcome down for a session 👍
  6. View From Your Swim

    few pics from yesterday, 2 for me mate kev, I couldn't buy a bite.... Strange as I gave my mate the hook baits to try out lol 😂
  7. Jim and Micky

    Where's that jacking cnut micky eh? Knocked these over last night in an hour on the lamp, with my 3 legged beddy x💪I'll challenge that mark prick fella or grassyouuptjones on the lamp anytime any land lol 😂 (no rabbits were taken from a freezer in the making of this picture)
  8. whats the best food for lurchers

    I'd be filling the garage with a load of chest freezers gb
  9. whats the best food for lurchers

    Always keep a tube of this handy, helps when you have young dogs that seem to pick up and eat any old shite 🤦‍♂️sorts out ant upset stomachs 👍
  10. Books (hunting & fishing)

    Also interested in books on British wildlife for my lad and the Ernest neal one👍
  11. Wooly saluki bull grey.

    I bred it so yes lol. Sal/coll/grey x wheaton /bull/grey x Welsh hound dog over my beddy/bull/grey bitch. 3 pups in the litter, 1 died ended up with 1 dog 1 bitch both made 26" plus. My friends on the farm have the bitch.pic below, She came smooth like the dam, sire was a big woolly dog👍would repeat the mating but my bitch is double figures now and was spayed after complications 👎
  12. Wooly saluki bull grey.

    There's a lad Daniel G got a cracker, pics on a thread down the page, big strong woolly dog, touch of Welsh hound and beddy/wheaton in him👍
  13. Books (hunting & fishing)

    I got first dibs on them trev