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  1. Snap crackle and pop

    knew you had a bit o style about ya mack
  2. Clothes

    don trump lol
  3. true red leeds

    i,l give the brisket a whirl amongst other bits lol thanks
  4. Master chef

    sounds too much hurry up for me
  5. true red leeds

    looks damn good mate cheers hav you tried the beef rib or pork ?
  6. true red leeds

    anyone eaten at this place ? im going on a mission up to leeds on a fri night eat some food and jog back on the train on saT
  7. Clothes

    the don wears redwing boots
  8. Clothes

    check these prices http://skinheadheaven.org.uk/images/stories/PDFs/LastResortCatalogue.pdf
  9. Snap crackle and pop

    looks v nice mack but come on you chose pancakes over crab and benidict ??
  10. Winter warmer

    What's the way with redang ? Venison liver is ver nice one of the best realy
  11. Winter warmer

    Run me through it mate is it spiced ?
  12. Winter warmer

    It is very smooth mate and very cheap , red wine and red onion goes perfect
  13. Winter warmer

    lol arry I forgot to add a few mushrooms
  14. Winter warmer

    Braised Chicken livers with bacon in red onion garlic chilli and red wine gravey stuffed into big yorkys n veg fkn hell proper tasty dish after slogging outside all day
  15. Great Neighbours!

    hope he aint made you a creamy coffee and you drunk it lol