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    going to the loo to read the paper!
  1. Easy Peeps!!

    Hi bud where's Essex? 😜
  2. New Member Intro

    I love camping and bush craft, being at one with nature. Then killing it and then eating it
  3. New Member

    Hi bud
  4. New Member

    Hello pal
  5. Permission Form

    My perm slips start with a thank you, then there's a bit about me, and lastly what I can offer, no more than half a A4 page simple.
  6. New Member

    Good day to you sir
  7. Hello

    Hi cod head :-)
  8. Hello!

    Hello a welcome, I have a dobie stray too
  9. New Member

    Hi bud
  10. Hello From Canada

    Hello buddy, where abouts are you, I've been there a few times only to the west, Alberta and BC
  11. Hi Im Huw

    Hello buddy
  12. Black Tactical Stock

    Cheers Rez it took a bit of time and stencilling
  13. Black Tactical Stock

    O crumbs! Haha Thanks, I had to do some extreme stencilling for the look.
  14. Black Tactical Stock

    Just paint it that's what I did https://www.dropbox.com/s/8rjjn1ccion9n3u/2015-08-19%2011.55.00.jpg?dl=0
  15. Sharing Permissions?

    I share a permission too, I was a bit gutted to start of with but its not my land so I got over it. I met the lad after a few months, it turns out he works down the road from me, and he has even offered to take me to one of his other perms too.