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  1. Flat roof leaking

    If it's a felt roof mate try get lump of tar/bitumen put it in a saucepan stick it on a fire and melt it then pour it on .or a square patch of torch on felt
  2. Beddy crosses of the 90’s

    They are ..the blue one a beddyy whippet and the fawn one is a beddy grey
  3. Pairing up

    Good spotting lol
  4. Getting fed up

    Be like a scene from Star Wars up there tonight now lol 😂
  5. Stove

    Looks nice that mate .i can appreciate how much work goes in to fitting out a bathroom as I have qualifications in plumbing and fitted many a bathroom. Was working up Edinburgh and fitted over 48 bathrooms over couple months lol .
  6. Stove

    Well we're moving house in February and the missus has been moaning bout the heating bills now it's getting cold had look at multi stoves but due to us moving I didn't want pay out 250 for a stove we might only have for a couple of month so me and neighbor nicked this up . 6 inch box section body 7 inch box section stand 3 inch stove had it on for an hour now and I'm sweating my bolloxs off lol doesn't look the prettiest thing but it works
  7. Stove

    Posh f****r 😂
  8. Stove

    That's it griff...plus I'm a tight arse lol my missus like to be different and once she saw it all painted up she was made up. And she likes it because it's qwerky
  9. Half cross bull greyhound

    I've alwAys found bull x or full bulls easy to live with.
  10. Pleasant Sunday morning

    Looks like a cracking day mate .

    Got any better pics the bitch on the right
  12. Getting fed up

    I'm 20 min it's from Shropshire.i wouldn't say it's alive mate .theres a bit about but not in big numbers .
  13. Getting fed up

    Where's this ? Post code would be useful lol .
  14. Staffy Bull

    This my sons pup.there never apart
  15. Staffy Bull

    Yea they did ....how much weed and new tracksuit they could get lol joking aside tho it's shame for any dog
  16. Staffy Bull

    The lads were getting 1000 a blue pup for dogs and bitches so everyfucker with a staffs was pupping them out like pakis
  17. Staffy Bull

    To be fair mate I've seen loads of them blues and I think out of all of them there was 2 maybe 3 that didn't have skin problems .
  18. Staffy Bull

    He got bad skin ? Most blue staffs I've seen have bad skin.at one point my estate had a blue in every street .
  19. Staffy Bull

    No top one is cur stopper .one underneath is Hagar. Hagar = son of Scotsman max cur stopper = son of Hagar
  20. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    Did he not av a mobile phone? My mums old disabled woman and even she got a phone with a camera on lol
  21. Coursing bitch

    Looks nice solid type him mate . You got any pics the bull you used ? Pm if preferd 👍🏻
  22. Paratrooper

    Any decent shop that sells air rifles will have loads of tins open/ tester pellets ect ect for econending to there buyers after they have tested them.sure a shop will give you a couple of each to run through it. 👍🏻
  23. Getting fed up

    Everywhere suffering for rabbits by the sound things. Even the lads who up on the dales saying there seeing less and less... not it sure why you moved to England in first place mate .its a f***ing shit hole
  24. Half cross bull greyhound

    Be nice over a 3/4 grey 1/4 bull
  25. A message from Gnasher.

    Also spoke to gnash over pm about bulldogs. Was also into his aviary birds and spent abut on that side of the forum..was a nice guy respectful and polite.