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  1. some of the deer we have had

    Sound crack on
  2. some of the deer we have had

    I’m not judging you ....it’s the other shit I’ve read about you that I’d judge you on lol n how do you know how many I’ve shot lol if you’ve shot 100s and your an expert if I shot 200 does that make me better than you ? Stop spitting your dummy out because I said “ bad shooting tex “ 2 other members commented on it also ...don’t see your comments to them .
  3. some of the deer we have had

    Don't look blue to me tex , and poachers ay...... that old chestnut .. and don't look like a 22lr to me but I ain't no expert
  4. dogs eating fruit

    Thought that it was dried fruits that are bad for dogs ...dried grapes ,raisins,dates ect ect ... cheers for the heads up tho I’ll tell the older two not to give him them ...trying to tell my two year oldson on the other hand .....😂
  5. dogs eating fruit

    Got a full bull that will eat every fruit and veg except apple and cucumber, kids give him water Mellon pineapple grapefruit grapes etc
  6. Sika

    Nice looking beasties there lads .
  7. Good morning

    Nice going mate some good meat there
  8. some of the deer we have had

    Bad shooting tex
  9. Account

    The original poster of said pictures is of American descent tho .........😂
  10. please be carful

    Neee man that’s just someone feeding his bull cross some new food so it’s hard as nails........or tacks
  11. Banned school hairstyles

    Perry funny really how it says noticbly longer and high on top ....i hav3 short back and sides and have naturally curly hair so I’d be f****d unless I shaved it all off
  12. The bull dozer

    Herd it was jessy x max max was out of sorrel x philis philis was out of jeronimo x running bull running bull was out of yellow eagle x little bull little bull was out of prancer x dancer and dancer was a stray of the street 👍🏻
  13. ruby fibre optic shogun bead

    Helped me out I had one on my semi auto made a lot of difference for me
  14. Quick mooch

    Ground looks familiar where bout in stoke you from .pm if you prefer
  15. Greyhound dog

    That’s more like it ..
  16. Greyhound dog

    How olds the bitch 18 month lol
  17. out again

    Good going mate cant beat bit of pigeon popping...good for the pot
  18. lab bitch

    I’d say it’s a good reason
  19. Jim and Micky

    Where has Jim and Micky post gone lol
  20. lab bitch

    Not got a leg stand on ..lesson learned ...Gift pups to close mates who you trust will repay the favour..... however two sides to every story .....why won’t he give you a pup ?
  21. i will be keeping a eye out

    Put dogs in house and sleep out side in kennel or put a big horible guard dog in there and leave the locks off lol
  22. are the french nuts

    Yea they have proper arena for it .. you’d be surprised at how many people from different country’s go to watch and take part
  23. Heip

    Click on his name it will tak3 you to his profile.....next to his profile name it will say follow member and message with an envolope click on that
  24. Pigeon treatments

    I use ivermectin spot on kills all mite lice and internal parasites.. there’s a lad who sells it on eBay in small bottles