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    Corvid/Pigeon/roost Hide and Rough shooting/decoying,also the odd day on the clays.
  1. First pic a bag of 85,decoyed very well makes a nice change to get a decent bag of blackies. Second pic was a few days later,i took a chap off PW to my perm for a shoot,again they decoyed very well but sadly we missed most of the good shooting due to the local hunt turning up,we shot 35 ish but it could have been many more
  2. The One I Missed.....

    Nice one UD good to see your still getting out and about Ive missed your posts on PW mate
  3. Did Some One Question My Decoying And Knowledge

    well mate I see your still getting out doing what you do best some good bags mate Oh and your missing nothing on PW its going down hill rapido more into talking rubbish on there nowadays,i would question how many of them actually ever get out with a gun/rifle JD
  4. Did Some One Question My Decoying And Knowledge

    Stick your post on PW Les JD
  5. Introduction

    Welcome aboard by someone else still serving JD
  6. Labour Councillor Son Isis

    That's fine its his decision My decision would be to deny him entry when he tries to come back jd
  7. Look very effective and cheap to make well done jd
  8. Squirrel Pest Control Video

    Cracking shot mate well done jd
  9. Decoying At Last!

    Was out on the pigeons myself today,still in big flocks around here one shot and there gone still a good day to be out though jd
  10. Hi From Hampshire

    Thanks for the replies chaps Will pop on from time to time out on the clays tomorrow,then out pigeon/crow shooting Thursday JD
  11. Hi From Hampshire

    Just a quick hello to everyone, Ive been shooting for 20 years mainly rough/hide with the odd day on the clays.I live in the Farnborough area and shoot localish to where I live.I have plenty of permissions to shoot over and usually get out weekly. I have plenty of experience shooting mainly corvids but enjoy the odd day on the pigeons too,and always looking for new areas/challenges. Look forward to engaging in the forums/topics within the site. Kind regards Jackdaw