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  1. Informing The Police

    Thanks all, yes I'm going to do it as he has requested but just wondered other people's experiences as never been asked to do it before but been approached a few times but my perm slip has always sorted things
  2. Informing The Police

    Hi all, Ive just gained some permission on some local land for Rabbits. The land itself has a few football & rugby pitches on as well as some open areas. The land isnt used in an evening and is closed to the public and gates are locked. Anyway ive had the relevant person sign a permission slip that I get people to sign and keep with my insurance just in case I ever get approached by the law or passer by to say I have the right to be on the land. They have requested that I inform the local police that I have permission and will be on the land occasionally. (Which I havent got a problem with and intend to do soon) My question really was if anyone else have ever approached the local police to inform them of your permission or have you just squared it with them if they ever challenge you? Cheers
  3. Anyone been to either Selby or Goldthorpes Fur n Feather Auction? I'm looking for some live rabbits for Dog Training
  4. Liquid Scent Opinions

    I think the idea is if you don't have constant access to land with game but you want the pup to get excited with rabbit or pheasant scent then you can use this on a dummy and pull it around the land to create a trail and then get the dog out.
  5. Liquid Scent Opinions

    Really? Dont help at all then?
  6. Shooting Buddy.

    He's from Somerset
  7. Liquid Scent Opinions

    Hi all, Has anyone used the rabbit or pheasant liquid scent or the balm sticks for training? Thinking about getting some for me pup.
  8. Wormers

    https://www.vetmedsdirect.co.uk I've just ordered 2 years supplier for all my dogs and saved about £70 on RRP. Good selection on everything
  9. I'd of had them if you were closer bud
  10. Hi all, Just working on my new Ruff Stick getting it all shaped etc. Will be using it for Beating and knocking about with. I am just after some advice from the experienced lads about what to put on the bottom. Without measuring it exactly I would say it's Atleast an inch in diameter so a cartridge brass is out of the question, any suggestions what I can do to prevent wear. Also if possible I would like it not to be too glossy as my other sticks when using Varnish. Is there anything else I can use to pretect it from the thrashing and the elements without making it glossy? Cheers all in advance
  11. Shooting Buddy.

    PM You pal
  12. Bottle Or Precharged

    Yes, the bottles that you take on n off, and the guns you just charge
  13. Bottle Or Precharged

    Hi all, I've got a BSA S10 which I have to screw the air bottles into. I just wondered, apart from the obvious are there any differences / Benefits for one or the other?
  14. If there any ferrets going in the Doncaster (ish) area it would be highly appreciated. PM if there any going. Nice little workers Cheers
  15. Help/advice Wanted

    Who you get it off? Won't be long till you get yourself a natty. I tried similar ones to yours but decided to move to natties and ain't looked back. Got a good few, some I hardly use, one I use all time, youngun has got one lol