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  1. Red Stag Antler Opinel No8

    Nice one pal. It's that time of year again. Just doing a stick for a fella off here which, when I post pics, will make you smile. ATB? Jok.
  2. Simon. Your stick is in the making. Unusual for sure but will be a talking piece. Jok.

    1. simononeill93


      I love being part of a talking piece. Thanks simon

  3. Double bow back ferret box

    Eh up pal. I actually make lots of things wooden. This and my poachers box have been really popular so kind of stuck with this type of construction. They are very lightweight and easy to carry and use. There obviously is a reason for the 'posh' look in as much as I like to make nice things which are totally functional. Have a look at Sir Blessed on here, from Australia, who is using one as we speak. Jok.
  4. I have one of above ready to go. Anyone interested please PM me. Thanks. Jok.
  5. Crow shooting red letter day

    No didn't watch any video. I do know, as you obviously do as well, that a racer is hell bent on getting back to the loft. They fly in a straight line at a rapid rate of knots without any other thought other than getting home.,If a shooter can't tell the difference between a fluttering feral, a woodpigeon or a racer than perhaps he/she shouldn't be shooting. Just my humble opinion mind you and I've been among racers for a lot of years. Jok.
  6. Advice needed

    You'll be fine son. When the local FAO comes round for a chat just tell him what occurred and also make sure it's down on your application. Jok.
  7. Crow shooting red letter day

    I know one thing. If a racing pigeon went into decoys the owner would defo not want it back ffs.jok.
  8. The new format

    Can't agree more Terry. However we wil persevere. Shame though as it all was going along nicely. Jok.
  9. Have our members decided to abandon the site? It's like a ghost city here. To be fair , I like the layout, but, we seem to have a lot less interest. Jok.
  10. guess the weight

    2lbs 6oz. Do I win a prize? Jok.
  11. If I'm being totally honest, I don't know. Only thing I do know is that I take home is absolutely beautiful. Moving on. The keeper has just been in touch as has made a shit load of pheasant meat sausages which he wants me to pass round and get an opinion. I'm hoping that he has mixed in some belly pork as from memory they were a tad dry. Jok.
  12. first time out

    Trip over them laces would be embarrassing. Lol
  13. I found out today that they are paying a decent amount at Birmingham market for birds to be sent to France. Jok.
  14. a Nessmuk knife

    Now then lignium vitea. Airgunant just let me see some which will be returned ASAP. Heavy wood with a wonderful dual colour. As I understand it the problem is that the resin within doesn't allow glueing or at least makes it difficult. Wha t a wonderful wood for knife making. Thoughts. Jok.
  15. Stumfelter. Only an opinion , and only mine. When a shoot is charging £35.00 plus vat for every bird shot, is it not common sense to ask someone to take away the residue at .30p each.? Now don't get me wrong. I don't agree with any of it but financially it would work. My concern is that the birds could be introduced into the food chain if we were only allowed to let them. Health and hygiene have made it a tad difficult. Again, only my opinion. Jok.