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  1. W. Katchum

    Fast Dogs for hard ground

    It’s same here
  2. W. Katchum

    Few pics

    Still are
  3. Most lads In jail are just riding there time taking any drugs they can find to pass by the monotony of life, an everybody knows how mussies know how to olay system an stick together
  4. W. Katchum

    Chris packham

    Your arguments are only good when they proper malice an hatred haha all this arguing for sake of it is pants
  5. W. Katchum

    Cuckoo's Calling

    Aye it was deeded mate an I drove upto lay-by to secure bumper an phone work to get somebody to cover me an by time I drove back down some cheeky fcukers stopped in front a me and picked it up lookin good so far, hopefully all goes well an few other litters same he has sired are doin well, so fingers crossed
  6. W. Katchum

    Cuckoo's Calling

    Iv seen few this year compared to very few last year, was just driving up range road on way to work an some inconsiderate roe buck ran out in road an smashed all me bumper ffs but wildlife in general is looking well in dales this year mate
  7. Fcukin deer just ran into motor, now I’m a nights work down an need a whole new bumper ffs, that’s a deer night off😂

    1. Blackbriar


      I hit a roe buck last year. It trashed the front of my car ! But the real sickener was that the f***er got up and ran away !

  8. W. Katchum


    Think smaller ones would do shroom aswell
  9. W. Katchum


    Don’t worry ye don’t make same mistake with second an third or more, our eldest had everything brand new an like you most got given away or chazza shopped still with tags on, by time we got to 4th kid he is now dressed in hand me downs an thread bares Na only messing but ye deffo realise how much ye waste with the first an save a lot with the rest nice gesture tho mate an hopefully somebody appreciates them, kids do grow so fast it’s a shame to waste stuff
  10. W. Katchum

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Falconry is the only field sport I know of where mentors ain’t scoffed at, truth is if ye really wanna learn to do summat properly then ye will, some folk are happy just coasting along having a laugh an doin what they think right an then there’s other folk who want better an try an learn by there mistakes an others. Just cos lots a folk do summat don’t make it right, or acceptable, they were only daft youngsters tho, that much was obvious
  11. W. Katchum

    oliviase barn owls

    Do ye still do em mate? An much ye charge to go visit a class with a bird ?
  12. W. Katchum

    Few pics

    Today’s our first rain in about a fortnight I’m sure, it’s needed
  13. W. Katchum

    what country?

    If I could click a finger an make changes then I’d make em to this country Tbh am stay here an not massive changes, just a bit more fairness that will never happen an iv thought about America a few times but proper inland, the coasts seems full a nutters to me, New Zealand is somewhere I reckon I could live tho but tbh I doubt I doubt I’ll ever leave uk other than holidays once a year
  14. W. Katchum


    Na but I got night off so we will make do with what we got
  15. W. Katchum


    Your the camera happy one here nobody else
  16. W. Katchum


    Prove it
  17. W. Katchum


    Closest you’ll ever get to arnie ya wally
  18. W. Katchum


    Maybe leave the thinking to those more capable from now on
  19. W. Katchum


    Only if they hear voices in there head did they tell you to take that selfie??
  20. W. Katchum


    If ye say, tho more than a few on here know what I look like
  21. W. Katchum


    Gingers don’t have friends an neither do you or they would have slapped ye as soon as they saw ye selfie
  22. W. Katchum


    Come on that’s shite banter, a copied pic off google, give us all a real laugh, stick another a yours up as we all know you crave the attention after yer video an now a selfie wish you could only see we laughing at you, no with ye
  23. W. Katchum


    Seen on here eh?? still in denial I see
  24. W. Katchum

    Eagle steals rabbit from fox - amazing watch

    Wow, magine wee fox hanging on
  25. W. Katchum


    I was a fusilier, not a trooper an all we know about you is your special skill is taking selfies an faking illnesses to get out a doing anything