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  1. W. Katchum

    New un

    Weirdo, poofter, transgender, tomatoe, tomatoe, same horse diff jockey mate don’t worry tho o won’t judge ye, I no problem with queers
  2. W. Katchum

    New un

    Na mate that would be classed as bein unfaithful where I come fae
  3. W. Katchum

    New un

    Sounds bit gay that I’ll give it a pass, is that why your out back doing cleanin, you a poofter??
  4. W. Katchum

    New un

    How fcuk can I help, you’ve only got a broken brush ffs you want me to hold ye hand
  5. W. Katchum

    Chris packham

    Aye but it’s only the wife’s ass I tease with tip a my tongue, deffo nobody in here, verbally or physically l, your genuinely a bunch a cnuts
  6. W. Katchum

    New un

    Wat ye mean will be???
  7. W. Katchum

    Chris packham

    Your deffo deluded, tell me who? I dislike everybody in here so why would I lick anybody arse
  8. W. Katchum

    New un

    By looks of yard another few years won’t kill it
  9. W. Katchum

    New un

    Battles black better than jeyes