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  1. Hairy Chocolates

    our hairy chocs are getting that hot they are in danger of melting!!!!
  2. How much ?

    if anybody wants one of my terriers please don't pinch it knock on and i'll give you one! on the condition you take are lass as well .
  3. How much ?

    Been offered an open check twice for a working terrier'never sold either of them,in fact gifted one to my pal when the time was wrong?But just ponder on this 4 a moment not knocking anybody but the DORSET DIDDLER use to sell pups 4 £1200 and its been quoted that only 1 in 50 would work brock so in theory it could have cost you £62.000 to get the dog u want. three dogs on at the moment and not a penny spent acquiring them. RIGHT CIRCLES
  4. Will see you tomorrow spade looking forward to the day out,any more lads and lasses making the trip down from donny?. Hope the is fine c u there alb diggabell
  5. Dove Valley Minkhounds

    just got back home from the dove valley mink hounds good day out ,nice having a chat with a couple of golden oldies jack price & ken gould even though ken said he'd shoot are chocs for us lol, Belvior hunt next weekend
  6. Dove Valley Minkhounds

    anybody been to this show?or going tomorrow as we are taking a run down in the morning!! cheers digga
  7. Pickering Show

    Boarder terrier won champion terrier, steve parkin terrier judge came over to the darkside and gave one of are chocs a 3rd.
  8. Pickering Show

    Pickering in the morning! see you there with my hairy chocs!!
  9. Missouri Earth Dog Trial

    Fond memories of MISSOURI worked over there early 2003 (celebration city) in Branson,stopped on the golden mile and in Forsyth lovely place, lovely people,big up to you and your country folk rippen alb diggabell.
  10. Pickering Show

  11. Age Of Pup

    peddlers 99% of the time sell to those that don't know what there doing ,do that 99% deserve to have a 100% dog?, not my opinion! just pause for thought.
  12. Age Of Pup

  13. Pups

    Lovely terrier Diggabell. Real smart type. Is their lakey or fell in it as it looks like a white Lakeland? Not trying to insult just going the looks. Nice animal all the same. straight parson jack no offence taken what is a parson Russel is there some sort of paperwork with them always here of them never seen one? parson jack russell is just the label it came with !! now its plain old stevies pup sorry i couldn't help you any further atb digga.
  14. Pups

    its a better stamp of any russell i use to keep ,grandson is only 6yrs old (start them young) i keep telling myself its an albino chocolate. Who bred the Russell if you don't mind me asking ?? pm if you like ?? is it one of ALLi's(Steve) ?? nothing to do with allibone !!!bred from working stock in linconshire.