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  1. Out Ratting

    Thats staff ha ha he had camera on timer. PUD
  2. Out Ratting

    Aye fireman was good as say lamped them in and around farm building etc but not in middle of fields like that. PUD
  3. Out Ratting

    Good effort that man staff. PUD
  4. Was good marra as say i lamped hard in younger days with lurchers, and lamped 1000`s rats in and around farm buildings etc, with terriers and a few running dogs. But this was like lamping rabbits as i says never seen rats that far out from wall dykes buildings or some kind of cover. Once the dogs tuned into what was going on and they were that far out we didn't miss many few that were closer in made it like, but not wanting to repeat myself great bit sport. PUD
  5. Got post going in the terrier section called out ratting long story short been doing few pens and keeper said that the long tails were 100+ yard out at night in wheat, rape and ploughed in game crop fields etc. Having lamped for years in my younger lurcher day and not having seen rats that far out (few in dyke back around farm building etc) i asked if we could have a bash lamping them he said aye. So instead of taking the terriers i took my nephews 1 x Bed/Whippet and another lad who beats up their took his 3/4 Whippet 1/4 Bedlington. We got their and their was loads around the feeders that still had feed in them but like he said their was loads yard and yards out only rats but had great night picked up 60. Staff was out with camera also a first for him trying to get photos like that if he has any good ones i get him to post on here or out ratting in terrier section. All in all good night as never lamped rats like that oh and Bed / Whippet flat out on couch now. PUD
  6. Out Ratting

    Well were back I lamped for year in my younger lurcher days, (and never seen rats out in fields few in dyke back around farm buildings etc) When we were doing these pens the keeper was saying at night the rats were 100 yard + out in the fields so i said could we have a go he said aye. Any way I was still a bit dubious so I took my nephew Bed/Whippet 1 x instead of my terriers and another lad who beats up their took a 3/4 Whippet 1/4 Bedlington. Only terrier their was Baxter half Russel half Plummer. Any way to the point we got their and the fields were alive around the feeders that still had feed in but some rats were like he said yards and yards out in wheat rape fields. I had good night some thing i had never seen or done we accounted for sixty and invite to try with the terriers next week again before he poisons them. Staff was their with camera again a first for him and he said he didn't get much but am sure he put few up once he had look. All in all real good night. PUD
  7. Out Ratting

    Cheers stumfelter PUD
  8. Out Ratting

    Canny pics Staff marra. PUD
  9. Out Ratting

    Having look up morn night as keeper says loads on maze game crop fields at night taking the nephews Bed/Whippet and another lads got 3/4 whippet 1/4 Bedlington some thing bit different if their any on the fields. PUD
  10. Out Ratting

    Jerry I dont take the pics am techno phobic Bill or Staff use the camera marra. Cheers PUD
  11. Out Ratting

    Aye i had few thousand over the years never had white one couple rabbits with white on and few black rabbits. The lads up their said they got three white rats last year and seven year before strange!!! PUD
  12. Out Ratting

    week 1 440 Picked up done 500 week 2 240 picked up one white 1 week 3 200 1 white one Between 5 to 7 terriers and two lurcher over the three week will had 1000 or close to it. PUD
  13. Out Ratting

    Here we go end day photo 5 terriers and two lurchers. done three Sundays their since Pheasant season finished 440 but must done 500 first week 240 second week 200 third week, canny do. PUD
  14. Out Ratting

    Just back 200 + and another white one photos to follow. PUD