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  1. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    Fair play mate the dogs a beast If you ever make some DVDs I'll buy one cracking vids
  2. Club-Sp Clu-Briter Sport - 1000 Lumens

    There a good torch but I wouldn't run the dog with it asking for trouble the beam is to tight and it just not bright anuf My mate got one for fishing,campin etc and not for hunting . If you wan a small rabbit bashing lamp get you self a plr500 or something along that line or just Speek to dlloyd off here I'm sure he has something that will Intrest you
  3. My Pup I Bred Growing Fast

    Nice pup mate
  4. 18 Months On....

    I Can't see the pics maby because I'm on a phone .But well done for sticking with the bitch threw an injury like that.
  5. Future X Maybe

    Nah mate you want a Yorki x whippet saluki Proper working dog . To much dog for most people
  6. Pups First 1

    Cracker mate nothing better than the 1st .
  7. New Catty???

    standard answer mate I,m afraid, what you need is a multi hold multi banded catty, as in you can hold it in many different styles and use tube or flat bands on it and in my opinion the best value for money catty is the pro shot bloodsport or the simple shot scout once you know what you like then treat yourself to one of the better ones but these two models are probably the best catty,s for a relative newbie and even many good shooters still use them just because they are no nonsense does what it says on the packet catty,s, and as a word of warning avoid dealing with gamekeeper John he,s a waste of space and proshot also sell all his catty,s so if you do want one buy from them and not him goodluck let us know what you end up with Spot on mate. couldnt of asked for a better anser. im going to order my self the bloodsport its just what im after atb
  8. New Catty???

    Alright guy I want to buy a new catty but not sure what I'm looking at so I was hopeing to see what you lads are using. At the mo iv just got an ebay spesh lol it's done me ok for a bit of fun . Iv gotten pritty good at plinking so I think it's time for an upgrade. Cheers guys
  9. The Best Lamping Dog?

    Any old lurcher should catch rabbits on the lamp If it can't is it a ture lurcher??? For me no
  10. Sod The Bunnies

    She is loveing that haha could be worse could of been fox or badger shit
  11. Stoper/carpal Pad Removeing Pros And Cons

    Cheers guys what wraps and padding do you all use ?
  12. Alrigt guys i was just haveing a think about my dogs pads. as end of last season we had a bit of trouble with his stopper pad so i wanted to hear what do you all think are the pros and cons with getting them taken off. Atb GD
  13. Fly Fishing For Pike

    Iv never tryed the fly but the lad i go with fishing with had a big pike on a single maggot on the pole something abit diffrent
  14. First Dog For Lamping

    Collie bull grey. Fast strong and clever what else do you need lol
  15. Whippet Taking Feather

    My boy is alright with feather caught a few pheasant pigeon and goose And retreve a duck from water. All quarry was taken in the day time and on permission in season exepet the hen pheasnt dog got that when i was striming the garden hen jump out of the bambles and got grabd her and it was just dark when the misses got home to take the pic. No training was done. He sees it ,he wants it.