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  1. dogs eating fruit

    Both my two eat all fruit and veg except lettuce they just like to rip it into tiny bits
  2. First ferret advice

    If everything works out iv got a couple of weeks off work in summer so I could spend loads of time with them. And the missus is more than happy to help. Thanks for the offer about the book but my missus ordered ( Ferreting: An Essential Guide) last night off ebay . I only know one lad and he works on a farm 7 days aweek I just never see him. And with lambing now I havnt got a chance of bumping into him. Cheers for all the advice and no dout you will get a few pm lol
  3. First ferret advice

    Its just like a starting a dog more time I put in the better it will be . How do you stop a biteing ferret ? And as for working how old do you start them around a year?
  4. First ferret advice

    Cheers mate but that's the problem with liveing on an island everything is fecking miles away The more I handle them the less chance they should be a biter or is it luck of the draw? And is the such a thing as recall I know there never going to listen like a dog. but can you call them out of a warren or do you just dig to them i know these questions sound daft But I have no real experience with ferrets and don't want to fk it up
  5. First ferret advice

    I'm on Anglesey so any where is far haha that's a fantastic offer and if you are close enough I'd really appreciate that mate
  6. Cannibalism

    My Mams mates patterdale got into a pen and killed a jackrussle mother and eat 3 pups and killed another 2
  7. First ferret advice

    That a great offer and much appreciated but you are quite abit away from me shame cheers tho mate
  8. First ferret advice

    Spot on guys that exactly what I was looking for. Would a 6x6 ft pen be big enough for two jills and Is there a diffrance between the albino and polecat when iv had a look on google it just bring up shite
  9. First ferret advice

    Alright guys I'm been thinking of getting a ferret or a pair for a while now I'm just trying to put more game infront of the pooch. Im just wondering what you lads feed them,best bedding , should I get male and female? or as it's my first I should just get one ?, if I did get two should I get litter mates or not ? My dog is fine ferrets he's met my misses friends micro ferret (it just looked like the runt) and there was no real problems after an hour our so he was off lead walking round with it. 👍👍
  10. Few runs

    Nice one mate 👍 it would be nice to have that amount of rabbits to run. Not a fun job cleaning the fuckers tho. tidy job
  11. Wild boar bit mans fingertip off

    Those pigs can f**k you up!!! Id love to see one in the flesh. my old man went to Spain to ride in a enduro event and him a small group of guys where charged and chased by a decent sized bore he was shocked at the speed and aggression of them. I wouldn't put my dog anywhere near one
  12. Some people

    The worst one iv seen for swaping/selling and just pure shite is that Facebook page let the dog see the hare. The amount of nob heads on that page is unreal
  13. Whippet v lurcher

    how do you lot think a whippet would compare to a lurcher on the lamp?
  14. teaching jumping

    It's still only young mate. Give her time and she will fly...
  15. Rosie and Reggie

    Crackers them mate I do like a blue dog