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  1. Scope still available £150 very good price
  2. Cbc Cartridges

    Ok thanks for your answers
  3. Hi been given a box of 20b CBC 6shot cartridges nothing on box to say what gram they are and lve never heard of them before have you ?? Grebb
  4. Deben Ear Defenders

    Will get new batteries and try and let you know but got a feeling it didn't make much difference last time cheers grebb
  5. Deben Ear Defenders

    Anyone who has these pellpax defenders think they cost me around £200 - have you had any noise interference issues with yours ? Mine sound like a canary singing when the are switched on just wondered what could be causing this ? Regards Grebb
  6. Scope now £180 includes p+p
  7. Dogs In Your Hide

    Chap l know took his spaniel in hide with him every time he went poor thing got to 9years an is now stone deaf - said his latest 1 won't be going with him !!
  8. Scope for sale with mounts has small mark on front glass but sight is clear as a bell £200 + p&p --Grebb
  9. S&b Scope

    Arr a big thank you to Me found out myself you have to pay theses days to sell something on the site --
  10. S&b Scope

    Can't find anything to point me in right direction!!
  11. I want to sell a scope on the site but hay ho seems hard work now to when I've sold in the past what do l have to do ??? Grebb
  12. Auction Houses

    Am l right in thinking that if selling at auction I'd pay 15-20% of final bid and the buyer wd pay a further 15-20% to them as well? Regards Grebb
  13. Locators

    Send it back to deben they will sort it for ya
  14. Ff5

    Ok thanks for that
  15. Ff5

    Hi , is the ff5 flapper 6volt or 12 v ? Thanks Grebb