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    WEBLEY STINGRAY.22 View Advert For sale had little use .22 with silencer Webley Birmingham £125. Regards Grebb Advertiser grebb Date 13/04/18 Price Category Airguns  
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    Time Left: 18 days and 22 hours

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    For sale had little use .22 with silencer Webley Birmingham £125. Regards Grebb


  5. Am thinking of selling fathers now he’s passed away
  6. 2 of us had 70 last Saturday was quite pleased as on rape
  7. Hi a stingray (Birmingham) in gd condition what would be a fair price .22 .? Cheers grebb
  8. grebb

    ANGLIA Sporting 👎

    He advertises on guns on begs the Tosser ,.
  9. grebb

    ANGLIA Sporting 👎

    Your not wrong unfortunately the Tosser isn’t worth loosing license over !!
  10. grebb

    ANGLIA Sporting 👎

    The joke is l paid the £100+ and never even got to shoot ,,
  11. grebb

    ANGLIA Sporting 👎

    Thank you that’s a very kind offer just a pity I’m so far away .. A great offer like that being offered for nothing and then the other end of the scale nick Elsdon of Anglia Not very Sporting has taken my £105 and ran What can you say ,!! Regards Grebb
  12. Paid the Tosser £105 for a days pigeon decoying on 3rd of this Month worst weather wd had for 40 years all that week snow everywhere ,, he wouldn’t cancel even though we had extra 50mm Friday night “ got to make the most of what we have “ his words - l didn’t risk going 1hrs drive each way . Had email from him saying as a kind gesture l could rebook a day for only Another £50 so lve told him where he can stick his kind gesture And just warning you all how he works ...Grebb
  13. grebb

    A Good Shoot

    That’s a great offer will tell him thanku. Yes I agree the money u pay for 5 drives in a day is crazy !
  14. grebb

    GAMO .177 for sale

    SOLD to Neil thanks