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  1. favourite type of working terrier and why?

    For me Black and the only reason is consistency
  2. Whast the score with this ? is it any good ? Ime reading its banned then reading it's not if it's for birds what are not to be eaten any advice be appreciated pm if prefere cheers z
  3. Rip poppy

    lee take no notice pal onwards and upwards mate keep ya chin up
  4. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    Looked peter thanks mate same markins same jacket but thinner face had to look twice like
  5. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    Thank you lads she's chipped n stuff
  6. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    Nice one lads grand ther for anyone who brings her back
  7. DOG STOLEN 2 dogs stolen last night in co killkenny this young bitch and a pup scruffy c**ts broke into a young lads kennels and took her The dogs mine was being minded if my lil cusin Keep ya ones out lads please Any info confidential Decent Reward for dog back
  8. Pups

    Butch Pup for me for the futre 😁
  9. Absolutely Heartbroken

    Gutted for u mate
  10. Sleaze Bags.

    Tony Blair gotta be one of the sleazyiest lookin guys about
  11. Pups

    Like the one on the left rabbit hunter smart that mate both smart good luck in the futre
  12. When Is A Bitch Ready To Stand

    Why yas arguein lads surely a better way to spend the night than arguein on here who cares we're ya from or what ya do aslong as ya enjoy ya dogs n have ther best intentions at heart
  13. When Is A Bitch Ready To Stand

    I don't see that thers anything to it atall if you have said dog and bitch on Your own yard a little bit of observation and let nature take its cause been happening for thousands of years with out us they no what ther doing with out are help
  14. When Is A Bitch Ready To Stand

    Its somthing we will never no so the only fact is going back and forwards about it is the only waste of time