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  1. An afternoon bolting

    cracking pics! cracking dogs ๐Ÿ‘
  2. Different colours

    Had a black one with my pup. theres a fair few about there too.
  3. nl im sure theres a black dog for stud at cumnock whippet racing club. i know someone who has racing bitch that was thinking of using it. shall i find out n pm you?
  4. Got the same thing with my 10 month old pup. Carries the rabbit away from me though. So im interested in how to try fix this also.
  5. pups and my first

    yeah, hes looking promising so far. was clueless with my first dog so alot more efforts going into him. yeah its just with the grooves on the pickup bed plastic splaying his toes apart.
  6. pups and my first

    hes only 8 months, still a young pup. jst under 26tts. hes a saluki bull collie grey put back to saluki grey. got him off here from a lad down south wales. made the 14 hour trip to pic him up worth it tonight. thats him at 6 months in the pic with my wee bull whippet bitch
  7. pups and my first

    My pup got his first couple tonight. been out twice with him already and struggled to get him runs close to home. well happy with him tonight. always does as he is told aswell. bit more work on his jumping is needed still though. he caught my first black rabbit too.
  8. Getting fed up

    its the same where i am, been out a few times in last few weeks with my pup to local bits and struggle to even get a run. everything is lamp shy already too so its not been great trying to start my pup. will need to start travelling.
  9. Lurcher gps tracking

    sent you a pm about a lamp.
  10. 2 quick nights

    Good night out that! fox's all over my spots last night with hardly any rabbits.
  11. Garden Smell

    Just ordered 20l of the bubble gum too. well cheap! cheers๐Ÿ‘
  12. Brack And Pearl 2017

    Nice strong looking dog at the bottom. hows it bred?
  13. Hare Coursing

    good watch that! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  14. Stock Breaking

    just started having problems with mine with sheep. been working in amongst sheep for 2 seasons and bow just started chasing. been out with shock collar n seems to be making a difference. fixed her non existent recall when lamping. so hopefully it will work for your dog. just got to pick the right time to press the button.
  15. Kennel Material Advice

    ive just recently built mine. shiplap on the outside with vapour barrier, glass wool isulation and 9mm osb inside. got a heater in it on a thermostat buts its never on as the dogs body heat have it toastie in no time. double glazed window in it with the plastic flaps at the front. run is out of 4x2 decking material with holes drilled up n down with metal conduit as the bars