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  1. It’s salt water wash for my mutts for most things they always heal up fine
  2. Lost dog

    Hope you find him fit and well mate good luck
  3. REscue

    Very well done 👍 glad yours never gave up
  4. WANTED...

    The bushcraft store its not the cheapest knife about at £60 but it’s a good solid knife and holds a good edge good people to deal with aswell as Royal Mail lost the first one but they replaced it no issues
  5. Police on my permission

    On a few of my permissions I have to phone and tell them we’re out other wise they have half of North Yorkshire police out after us lol they take my 4x4 details ask where’s it’s parked and if they get any reports they phones me or look for my jeep some of the police in the control room get arsey especially if I am out with the lurchers not the rifle a few have had to go away and check you can lamp rabbits with dogs police should know the law if they have to up hold it
  6. Ordered and paid for, the " NEW GUN"

    A silicone gun ?
  7. Terriers feet

    My old terrier got a few white pussy scab things one his front leg after working I just washed him in hibi scrub a few times and he was fine
  8. Canal pike fishing

    Not a canal but river pike just short of 10lb had 2 small jacks aswell first time pike fishing in 6 year needless to say I am hooked again lol
  9. WTF?

    What a waste of a nice gun it looks sh!t and for £750 😂
  10. Little lads funny as !

    love it 😂😂😂
  11. 7ltr bottle fill £3

    Only ever got it done once and that was because I never asked how much first lol I pay a fiver to fill my 5lt dive bottle
  12. 7ltr bottle fill £3

    Good price that mate Shop near me wants a £5 to fill a rifle yet most of his other stuff is reasonable price
  13. leasing a car

    I wouldn’t buy new at all I would buy something a year or so old with normal mileage and service history
  14. Who says gaystate are crap !

    I’ve had a few Daystates and I’ve still got the air ranger .22 that I like better than the Hw100kt .20 and Hw100 .177 not had the .22 yet but it’s on my list. Don’t know if I’ve been lucky in the ones I’ve had have been mint
  15. Anybody has motocross gear?

    It was nice to meet you lads aswell we will have to have a meet up at the range some time 👍