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  1. The Rape Is Alive With Pigeon

    matty lad numbers in thousand mate, but they are pigeon and as everyone knows no guarantees so up to you buddy you in or not atb ezi.
  2. Hi HL massive , I am looking for new guns to join this seasons syndicate, anyone interested pm me pls as some things have changed. Atb Thorne syndicate.
  3. Beater Needed South Yorkshire

    5giz a shout next time kev im only at Thorne, its ezi bez from Thorne Syndicate. Atb ezi
  4. The Rape Is Alive With Pigeon

    It might help if you'd sent one pal.
  5. The Rape Is Alive With Pigeon

    Ill try my best matey
  6. The Rape Is Alive With Pigeon

    have you got any photos of large bags being takenno sorry no pics as ive not shot them yet.
  7. The Rape Is Alive With Pigeon

    No mate you pay me to shoot pigeons on my permisions , atb ezi
  8. The Rape Is Alive With Pigeon

    Doncaster mate, atb ezi
  9. Pidgeon Shooting

    Have a look at my post. And there isn't a D in pigeon. Atb ezi
  10. I have pigeon shooting available @ £40 with own kit £60 with kit hire , per gun per day. Any one interestef pm me pls atb ezi. by the way the fields have been hammerd by thousands of pigeons .
  11. If the slit was in the breast then chances are some one is trying to poison chsrlie or your dogs. Kerp an eye out on your spot for any more atb ezi.
  12. There will be places available for this season ill kerp everybody informed , atb ezi.
  13. All pegs are now full thanks atb ezi
  14. Double Aviary Trap Cage

    How much you want for it ?
  15. If you like mushys then buy a book with good photos and descriptions of edible fungi. Sorted !