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    Nice types them
  2. Squirrel cage feeder trap

    Like the idea of being of the ground maybe better than a cage trap on the ground
  3. Squirrel cage feeder trap

    I MIT try one looks like they should work well in theory
  4. Out Ratting

    I would lol been trying to get a good days ratting all season . would travelled anywhere lol
  5. Anyone used the eldeeco squirrel cage trap the one with the bird feeder in it ?
  6. Ratting required.

    Tried to pm you but your inbox full got some terriers if there many rats there would happily come up to try get a few pm if easier
  7. Ratting wanted

    Hi looking for any ratting any one needs a hand with . or too make numbers up if someone has as big day coming up . got a couple of good terriers . just not much on my permissions this year just trying to get some work for my dogs willing to trazvell any where . I'm based in Kent
  8. Staffy Bull

    Looks like she's done some graft handy size bitch
  9. Rat problem Sussex

    Are the rats under the coop . or in the surrounding area
  10. Rat problem Sussex

    I'm in Kent and have a friend in billinghurst who I work my terriers with is there many rats there a large coop wil!ing to travel down with my terriers
  11. Ratting, Bedford

    Is the ratting sorted as got good little ratting team of three terriers willing too travel for a days ratting
  12. First dig in snow this year

    That black is a strong dogatb

    Nice well made pair
  14. Rat cage traps

    Its like multi catch squirrel ytrap I've seen MIT have to try one
  15. Rat cage traps

    The octGon one looks like KT could be useful!y