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  1. 2 Hobs 12 Weeks Old

    Cheers lads
  2. 2 Hobs 12 Weeks Old

    They are 12 weeks and they are nipping
  3. Longnets

    How much are they off him I am after some too
  4. 2 Hobs 12 Weeks Old

    Do you do much over this way like bud?
  5. North East

    Anyone from the hartlepool
  6. 2 Hobs 12 Weeks Old

    Were you from mate
  7. 2 Hobs 12 Weeks Old

    Hartlepool mate
  8. 2 Hobs 12 Weeks Old

  9. 2 Hobs 12 Weeks Old

  10. 2 Hobs 12 Weeks Old

    Hi these are my two 12 month old hobs, just being doing a bit of practicing (didn't have any pipe so this was the next best thing. Any advice on what else to do with them ready for the new season and to stop them niping or is this just Beicasw they are young? And help would be great newbe to ferreting so all help apreciated, and is there anyone in the north east who could show me the ropes
  11. Were you from mate just got my self 2 hobs to start ferreting.
  12. Hello From Cleveland

    Hi my name is reece, just got 2 hobs to start ferreting and any help from Some one in the area would be great , thanks